Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Bonnets

Today I'm packing for 2 markets which are on this weekend.  Tomorrow I'll be at the Daylesford Makers Market which will be held in the Daylesford Primary School in Vincent St.  On Sunday you will find me at the Sunday Arts Market on St Kilda Road, Melbourne from 10am.  I'm in the row of stall at the back of the grass near Hamer Hall. On Monday I'm having a relaxing day!!

Blue with a hand felted band with a touch of green.

Purple with a felt spiral.  I love this colour and it suits so many women.

Raspberry red finished with lace, beads and guinea fowl feathers.

Packing is finished so now for some cooking.  Have soup cooking on the slow combustion stove - as well as quinces.  I have been cooking quinces and apples together.  Adding the apples means I don't need to add sugar.  Think I'll make an apple and quince tart.  You may have realised that we have an abundance of quinces here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Markets on Saturday and Sunday

Next Saturday I have a stall at the Buninyong Farmers Market.  My stall is inside the Town Hall.  I have been spinning Chunky yarn and this is the first batch of colours for next weekend. I will be dyeing more yarn tomorrow and Thursday so I have a good range of colours for you to choose from. Knitting weather is definitely here.

Sunday I'll be at the Arts Centre Market in Melbourne  with Missy MaoMao and Lynda from Twisted Violet Jewellery

Tomorrow I'll be back to show you a beret you can knit with a hank of Chunky yarn.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Maybe a circle theme happening

A new brooch made using felt, some stitching and a purple button I couldn't resist.

And for those who like coffee.  I have been asked so often for coffee pot cosies.  This is the first of a range of cosies for your coffee pot.  Some will be felt and others knitted and some a combo of knit and felt.

Next Saturday 16th April I'll be at the Buninyong Farmers Market which is becoming increasingly popular.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Packing for the market

Friday is market packing day.  This weekend involves packing for the Daylesford Makers Market which is on tomorrow and the Arts Centre Market when is held on Sundays.  As I drive to Daylesford I can can take a little more in the way of props.

Then when I come home tomorrow I repack for the Arts Centre on Sunday.  I travel to Melbourne by train on Sunday.  It is better for the environment and better for me.  I take a two basket trolley so I have to concentrate more on stock.  When the Art Centre Market was in the under croft we had storage for props.  Now that the market is all on St Kilda Road and on the back of the grassed area between Hamer Hall and the Arts Centre there is no storage. I'm becoming more inventive.

Packing on the veranda of the studio is bliss when the weather is fine.  Wonder how many more weeks I will be able to do this before the weather changes.
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