Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Few of My Friends

 I just love my "hair do"  As soon as it gets to the length I like and my wool looks stylish she decides its time to shear us all.  You just ask the other girls how they feel about having the right look!!

I have grown so much wool this year she will be happy with my fleece.

I have the best fleece of all.  Well that's what I'm saying.  And she can't have it to spin until this weather improves.

I'm bored.  Let me out into the paddock again.

I hope to get shearing organised in the next month.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Wet Wesley Hill Market

Saturday was very wet at Wesley Hill.  This is the view from our market tent early in the morning.  We were dry and our stock was well protected.  On a sunny day the market is busy early and we are set up by 7am.

Wesley Hill is a great market.  Lots of plants, good quality fruit and vege, some excellent bread and hot food for lunch.  There are some treasures to be found as well as our woolly products.  We will be back there on the 5th November with lots of new colours in the sock yarn.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Garden Time

This year the garden is producing some amazing colours.

I even had enough iris to enjoy some inside.   Love the colour combination of the iris with the orange tulips.
The vegie garden is gradually being weeded and prepared for the next round of vegies.  Have found far too many snails.  Am looking for some more guinea fowl as we only have one left. 

Wesley Hill

Last Saturday David and I set off early for the Wesley Hill Market at Castlemaine.

The weather was perfect and we were set up early.

The market opens at 7am so we enjoyed a great coffee as soon as we were set up.  I purchased plants and fruit and vegies from other stall holders.

We plan to be at Wesley Hill every fortnight.  You can always check our Newsletter to find out where we will be.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On the Loom

Today I am finishing weaving this floor rug.  The wool is from my sheep and is a blend of browns with a touch of grey.  If I get back to work now the rug will be finished before dinner.

On Saturday David and I will be at the Wesley Hill Market, Castlemaine.  The market is from 7am (yes we will be awake very early) and finishes at 1pm.  The rug will be available at the market.
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