Monday, March 29, 2010

Markets & Markets

A new item for the Daylesford Makers Market on Saturday.  A felt play mat.  This mat has already sold - a teacher purchased it to use in her classroom.  There is not too much detail allowing the mat to be used for much storytelling and creative play activities.  I have another mat almost finished and I will have that at Daylesford.

Each year there are more markets.  As we well know some markets can be profitable and some not so.  The reason we are taking our products to markets is to sell them. We want to advertise and show the market visitors what we are creating and we listen to feed back.

There is always a good side to markets even if the day is not financially profitable.  Over the years I have met so many stall holders and enjoyed the day even if selling has been slow.  Recently I met Maria who has a business Me & M'lee.  Her product range includes cushions, aprons, heat packs and totes.  If you wish to contact Maria send me a message and I'll send her your details.

Easter Hats at Daylesford

Easter Saturday I'll be at the Makers Market in Daylesford new hats.

This one is a rich purple with a guinea fowl feather dyed to match. SOLD
And a black hat with a wool and silk felt hat band finished with a rose.

And a blend of old gold and purple.

See you at the Daylesford Town Hall, 3rd April.
Missymaomao will also be there.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just a Touch of Yellow

The latest tea cosy just listed on Etsy today.  I'm busy planning my stall for the Stitches and Craft Show on 9th May (at Caulfield Racecourse  - I'm just going to be there for one day) and I'm thinking of making a couple of tea cosy kits as well as other kits for hats and scarves.  So next week I need to have all the planning done and start the action.

Someone told me this a a day lily.  The one plant has been producing new lilies day after day.  A superb colour and there are more lilies to come. This is the third year the plant has flowered, the first two years were nothing like this years display.

On Easter Saturday you will find me at the Makers Market in Daylesford and the Studio Shop on the farm will be open on Easter Monday for those travelling over Easter.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Autumn Morning

On Saturday morning I was awake early.   Brie and I went for a walk, taking Darwin of course.  I spotted this green grasshopper hiding in the grass.  I went to get my camera and it took some time to find him again.  Thought he did well at colour matching.

Darwin has a fascination for his lead some days - only some days but not others.  Only Darwin understands this behaviour.
We walked out the gate to a view of Mt Buninyong in the distance.  Autumn mornings are blissful.

Puppy Love

Just couldn't resist sharing this photo taken by Jane of Bluegrace Portuguese Water Dogs

These are of course Mopsy's puppies. I am glad the puppies are not living here as I wouldn't be able to part with any of them.  Just imagine all those muddy feet in winter.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Puppies at 15 days

Blissful sleep.
So full I can't move.
Please don't wake me

These are some of Mopsy's puppies at 15 days.  Mopsy must be so relieved after feed time when the puppies all collapse into a sound sleep.  Today Mopsy is having a trim, shampoo and pedicure (or is that manicure and pedicure).  Hope she remembers to return to the puppies.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yesterday's Pickings

At last our tomatoes are gaining some colour.  Yesterday I picked these tomatoes, different levels of redness and all sizes.  We enjoyed some for lunch today.  I made a yummy herb dressing.  Nothing like a home grown tomato.  So many green tomatoes still to ripen I think I'll make chutney this year.

And continuing the red theme

Hawthorne berries - these are larger berries and dark red.

Most of the trees have a smaller berry which is bright red.  Birds are well fed here.

And in case you are wondering why my business is Hawthorne Cottage.    Some quick thinking had to be done when I went to register my business name. The best name ever thought up was already taken (can't even remember what it was now).  The impatient guy behind the counter told me to quickly think of something and as I love  the hawthorne trees on our farm that was it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mopsy plus 10

Well, let me introduce you to Mopsy's new family.  10 puppies were born last Thursday.  All are well and learning to fight for a feed.  There are 6 boys and 4 girls, a bigger litter than I expected.  Guess feeding time is chaotic for Mopsy who is a great mother.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Basket of Apples

How proud are we.  I planted this apple tree over 20 years ago and nothing much happened.  Just the usual bullet apples and not much taste.  But this year we are celebrating.  This is the second basket and there must be at least 3 more baskets ready to pick.  The tree is in the goose yard so it takes immense bravery to venture out there.  When in the yard I lock the goose out so I can pick in peace.  I need to take the ladder out this afternoon to finishing picking.  The granny smith apples have been a dismal failure this year.  It isn't lack of water as we have on granny smith near this tree.  Last night for dinner we enjoyed our home grown zucchini, beetroot, spring onions, tomatoes, basil and apples.  This is so enjoyable and satisfying I am going to get more of the vegie patch ready for planting next week.

Some mowing was long overdue.  David got to work early this morning and mowed just the essential area.  We have green grass around the house and vegie garden but the remainder is very dry now.  Need some rain please.

What a surprise.  I purchase these lilies a couple of years ago - planted them and then nothing happened.  But all of a sudden this year flowers are happening.  Beautiful colours.  Another 2 to flower.

When someone is outside taking photos it is not possible to exclude me!!!!!  Darwin has been well behaved even though Mopsy is away  - should be news any day about puppies.  My brother and my sister in law stayed here last night.  Darwin was most upset he couldn't ride in their car to the airport this morning. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This and that

The wind was blowing when I tried to get a full photo of the quilt.  I made it for a special friend Lynda  from   Twisted Violet   and the Arts Centre Sunday Market.  Lynda and Adam  are the proud parents of Liam.  I used some fabrics with farm scenes.  Must look for some sheep fabrics. 

Well these two friends are always wanting to walk in an opposite direction to the walker.  Here Mopsy (at back) and Darwin are following the sent of a cat or 2.  Mopsy has just gone off to stay with her breeder as puppies are imminent.  Have a look at at Bluegrace  and contact Jane if you are interested in a puppy.  I really miss Mopsy but I'm happy for someone else to look after puppies!!

This week I'm busy sorting out an application for the Arts Centre Market in Melbourne.  Although I have been there for years like many other stall holders we all have to reapply as the market is moving to St Kilda Road in July.  This is due to the revamp of Hamer Hall.
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