Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Show and the Girls

Brie and I enjoyed a day at the Royal Melbourne Show during the week. The weather was OK and we had a great day. We like the farm, animal and craft sections of the show. This is some machinery from Lake Goldsmith near Ballarat.

What a fabulous pattern on this chook (chicken as some call them). The poultry shed was very noisy as you can imagine. I would like some more chooks but need a safer chook yard. We have one chook who lays us an egg each day and definitely has had 9 lives.

Been there and done the duck thing. Really like ducks but very messy (always at front door!) and getting them to bed was quite a chore. Foxes take a nightly stroll here.

The main reason to go to show was to watch the Garyowen. The rider and horse put so much time into preparing for this event. A delight to watch.

We took a picnic to the show, had our compulsory cup of tea at the CWA and then headed for the crafts pavilion. Love to look at the decorated cakes, knitting, bookbinding and other cooking preserves.

And these are Mopsy's five girls. Not ready for yesterdays blog as it took time to prepare to be photgraphed. Fine young pups full of energy.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Boys

These are Mopsy's handsome boys. They are 4 weeks old now. I just went out to feed Darwin and he is all wet. And that is a lot of wetness! Brie is coming home and when she is here Darwin loves to come in and sit on his bed. Well thats not happening tonight. By the way Darwin has the choice of 4 kennels as Mopsy is away so there is no need for him to stand in the rain.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Another puppy picture. One puppy was almost all black. Just think all nine will grow into dogs like Darwin below.
Brie was home for the weekend. We took the mighty Darwin for a walk. Darwin is Brie's dog and he loves to see her. And he really misses Brie when she goes home and I guess that is why Darwin and I need to have a serious talk about his behaviour today.

Just a glimpse of some soft pinky rainbow Chunky yarn which will be available on Etsy

The Ballarat Gardens are looking majestic at the moment. I have taken a few photos and will include them over the next week. Recent rain has given the gardens that lush green grass and colourful blooms.

Beautiful colours inspiring new yarn colours. You often find little treasures tucked away near the fence.

The Nine of Us

Well, I wouldn't be surprised if Mopsy decided to leave this lot! Mopsy now demands time off and has a play with the adult dogs. Eyes are open and I guess its nearly time to start exploring.

How cute are these puppies. These three look the most like Mopsy. Love the white paws and white tip on the tail. David and I will go to visit in a week or so.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Water in the Lake

Last year we planted quite a few fruit trees around the studio. It is the beginning of spring and buds are appearing on all the trees. I often walk Darwin around to visit each tree and am delighted that the tress have survived their first year.

In the studio I have been spinning, knitting, felting, dyeing. I have dyed a combo of tops and fleece which will be on Etsy early next week as well as some hand spun Chunky. This is The Blues which has the contrast of the soft Merino and the lustre of English Leicester

Also I packed my samples for the Fibre Sampler at This time I have sent fleece, no dyes but natural cream, brown and grey/black and some 8 ply yarn as well. I think the Samplers are sent out in October.

This morning I went to the Farmers Market and remembered to take my camera. The market is held near Lake Wendouree. The lake has been empty for some time so I wanted to record the return of some water. From what I have read it will take some years for the lake to refill.

I had one trip to Melbourne this week to go to appt with Michele and then had lunch with Brie. We just managed not to get soaked as we walked to Uni and the bus. The 401 bus to North Melbourne station is a great service as I can then get the Ballarat train without having to go back into the city.

Today I have been waiting for the return of yesterdays horrid wind. Not as bad today - well so far but as I look at the trees blowing now we may be in for a blowy night. The blustery wind is never good for the quince trees. The rain has just started but as I am yet to hang the washing out I'll just put it in the loft.

The property next door has sold. The huge container that caused so much trouble last week will return. New neighbours will move in early next month.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Peek at Sunday's Market

The new stock for tomorrows market at the Arts Centre in Melbourne is packed and ready. There will be lots of 8ply. The windy weather has helped get it all dry this week

There are 8 new knitted and felted hats, these two and a brown, green, camel & blues.

Of course there is Chunky Yarn in reds, burnt oranges, greens, purples and more. As well I have made up some bags of "Bits & Pieces" which some inventive people just love. Think I packed about 5 of these bags which are a bargain and also give you the chance to try different colours.

David and I have just come home from a BBQ at La Lal Falls near Ballarat. Not an elaborate BBQ, just some lamb and rosemary sausages, fresh bread rolls and yummy salad - and a cuppa of course. We took Darwin with us as Mopsy is away with her puppies. Sometimes Darwin is the perfect dog and today was one of those days. He looked longingly at the table but didn't jump up on anything. So proud of him. Have more photos of the lovely Lal Lal Falls area which I will post in a day or two.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Puppies and Fleece

We live just south of Ballarat and our bulbs bloom just a little later than in town . But every year they return with happy faces.

Have been washing fleece this week. Just as well I have it all dry as the rain is pelting down today. Some of the fleece will be at my stall at the Arts Centre market on Sunday. The remainder is for the next Ewe Beaut Fibre Sampler

And here are Mopsy's puppies one week old today. I have been informed that Mopsy is the perfect mother although she does tend to bury the pups in the straw. Can't wait to go and visit. We are certainly missing Mopsy. The big boy Darwin is enjoying special attention. Last night I wanted to bring him inside for some TLC. Darwin seemed to have other ideas and kept running off with the lead expecting to go for a walk in the dark. This morning he was perfect making up for last nights questionable behaviour.

Our next door neighbour must have sold her house although the "Sold" sign hasn't been put up. New people moving in today - well trying to move in. A truck with the biggest container arrived and took one look at the wet roadside. Lots of turning, churning mud and messed up gravel road and truck was bogged. Didn't think it was appropriate to go out with camera. Eventually the truck, container and furniture left. Guess if you purchased 10 acres you would think it would be easy to move in. The entrance to the block is quite narrow. Will keep a watch out for the next episode.

Going to have to make a mad dash to the studio - rain still heavy. Have felted hats to finish this afternoon.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tea Cosies and Puppy News

Have been making Tea Cosies. These two I have made this week for the Arts Centre Market and I have several more nearly finished. If you are interested in tea cosies but are unable to get to the market let me know. The cosies have a knitted lining so will keep your tea warm.

Last weekend Mopsy gave birth to 9 healthy puppies, 4 more than expected. We haven't been to visit the puppies as yet. Mopsy has apparently been very protective of her new crew. If you are interested in Portuguese Water Dogs have a look at

Spinning is becoming so popular again. I have been washing fleece today, a very dark black brown, a gorgeous donkey brown and white. Took a photo and have left the camera in the studio so will post a photo tomorrow. Will take a mixture of colours to the market.

Its dark and I haven't fed the animals. They will be rather annoyed with me so had better be off and put together some meals for them. I'm sure they will understand I had an order to label and pack.

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