Friday, March 13, 2009

Colourful Week

Colour has been the go this week. I have dyed yarn to get supplies ready for the Farm Studio. Today has been brilliant for drying the yarn. I have been able to put yarn on the drying racks on the verandah and later collect yarn and plait into hanks. I like to get the process finished in the one day if I can.

Vegie garden is all ready for planting. I planted a few seedlings last week and have more to plant this evening after I finish work. Looks like rain may be on the way.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

On the Run

Not sure what is happening with my conputer today but can only load one photo in a blog. These sheep could win the Melbourne Cup if they keep up their training. A little rain today so that gives us hope that it will rain properly again.
I'm off to the studio to spin Chunky Yarn. Then this afternoon I'll be stirring the dyepot.
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Dinner Time

The whiff of a bale of hay gets the sheep running. I think they have a secret messaging system as I see heads raised, a short pause and then run, run, run.
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