Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the studio @ flinders gallery

From 9th April to 1st May you can visit  the  Melbourne Annual Easter Teapot Exhibition
at the studio @ flinders gallery,   65 Cook  St Flinders, 3929.  You can find more info here
I am making 2 maybe 3 tea cosies this week for the exhibition.  Well you can't have teapots and no cosies can you?? 
The knitting is done and I have dyed silk and silk chiffon. I have a few ideas to work with the silk and some beads and maybe embroidery.
Tomorrow I have quite a list of things to do, first thing will be a walk with the dogs and then it will be time to work on the tea cosies as well as dyeing the chunky yarn I spun today.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daylesford Market on Saturday

The Daylesford Makers Market is on again this coming Saturday.  This market is in the Town Hall from 10am till 4pm.

 This is an all natural yarn, a mix of grey and brown.
  This is a grey plied with a merino and silk blend in teal and purples.

I am busy spinning some new yarns as it is time to get your knitting started for winter. The orange chunky is a soft merino yarn.

I'll be back tomorrow with some other new colours.

Maria's Quilts

As I have mentioned in a previous blog I will show you some snippets of Maria Cook's quilts over the next few weeks.

Maria has an exhibition opening on 5th May at Space 22, 22 Main Road Ballarat.  3350

Exquisite stitching and fabulous use of colour.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hats are happening

The season for hats is approaching.  Quite a few are in the construction pipeline.  Some new hats are finished.

This is a raspberry hat finished with a handmade felt band and a fabulous grey vintage button and a felt flower.

Burnt Sienna with felt flowers and leather buttons from my button collection.

This hat is from the Tea Cosy hat range for this year.  So often customers would like a tea cosy as a hat and this year I'll have a much larger range than last year.


The power of nature has been shown to us.  Floods, Earthquakes and Tsunami  have occupied our minds and I must admit I felt blogging to be insensitive to these events.  But then to deal with the happenings in this world we sometimes need to continue with something that is part of our normal routine.

Cobweb displays have been fascinating .  The grass in the photo above is hanging from a cobweb woven between 2 trees.

This intricate web weaving was near the chook yard first thing in the morning.

The power of nature can be beautiful and it can be so destructive and terrifying.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Date for Your Diary

A must see exhibition of Quilts by Maria Cook opens on the 7th May in Ballarat.  Maria works magic with her designs and colours.  I will show you more of Maria's work over the next few weeks before  the exhibition opens. I know it is a few weeks away to the opening but it is so easy to fill the diary.  If you are from out of town (Ballarat) there is so much to see in Ballarat you can make a day trip or even stay for the weekend.

This is Maria's first solo exhibition featuring quilts that have been exhibited in Tokyo Quilt Show,
World Quilt Show: New Hampshire, USA,   Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza: Oaks, Pennsylvania
Pacific Quilt Festival: Santa Clara,   CaliforniaWorld Quilt Show – Florida:  West Palm Beach, Florida
Greater Chicago Quilt Exposition: Schaumberg, Illinois

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tea for 1 or 2

Life is back to normal after the wedding.  Well as back to normal as it ever is here.  Certainly had some sleep to catch up on and then into making stock for the Arts Centre Market on Sunday.

Often I am asked for tea cosies to fit the one to two cup teapot.  So I am making a range of the small cosies. This one of the new cosies which will be available on Sunday.  If you can't make it to the market you are welcome to contact me.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Special Day

The weather in Bendigo was perfect for Anna and Taffy's wedding on Saturday.  The bride looked radiant and the groom very handsome.  The bride arrived late to the cathedral, in fact quite late. I think Taffy became nervous after 15 minutes had passed and the Priest decided to sit down.

The sunlight filtering through the windows in the late afternoon gave a warm glow.

The groom and groomsmen arrived in 2 these cars.   My heart sank when I noticed Taffy was wearing brown shoes and worse still Lachlan who was Best man had white runners.  What were they thinking wearing these shoes with black suits.  I was informed that you can't wear ordinary shoes when driving these cars.  Mothers don't know everything I guess.  I'm glad the bride was not expected to travel to the reception in the sports car.  Mind you for a moment I thought the bride and groom may be travelling to the reception in separate cars!!  Taffy was very attached to this car.

These are the pew bows I made. 

The flower centre piece on the tables at the reception. 

The "Cake Topper" arrived with the happy couple both with brown hair.  I was asked to paint the bride's hair blonde!!  I offered to help with anything and this was one of the more unusual jobs.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not even invited and....

We haven't been invited to the wedding and still they made us have a bath.

I love a bath with the sweet smells.  And then I sat in the sunshine.  I get first bath as I'm much more co operative than Darwin.

You know I much prefer swimming in the creek and the dam.  I don't need all that smelly shampoo. I can't understand all the fuss.  Just because I found something fishy to roll in they want to give me a wash.  They did give treats though .

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Market on Sunday

Well there is a market on Sunday at the Arts Centre but I won't be there .  I have decided to take the day off and recover from the wedding.  The weather forecast for the special day is for a sunny day and not hot so thank you to the Weather Gods.

I think I have everything ready for the wedding from this end.  Thought if I was organised I would be available if any of the wedding party need help at the last minute. I have been writing lists and checking lists.  I have been ironing table cloths which is not my favourite past time.  As soon as I think I'm finished I see another crease.  I just have the small creases to iron out now and I'm finished. 

My mother had a wonderful collection of cloths and doilies.  I think it is time I did some sorting as I like to use the cloths but I need to rummage to find what I want. 

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