Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One of those mornings

It was a muddled morning feeding animals this morning.  No photos required!!  Firstly one of my gumboots stuck in the mud - not good.  I opened the goose yard and the goose promptly decided to eat Estella's (sheep) lucerne chaff.  Estella then ate the silver beet I had picked for the chooks. Estella is now in the goose yard so tonight's animal bed time will be chaotic with the goose refusing to go to bed until Estella has left the yard.  And remember the goose and I are not the the best  of mates.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. This is always the first wattle tree to bloom.

Darwin enjoyed a swim in the creek yesterday until a small fish jumped out of the water and made a plop sound as it landed back in the fast moving creek.  This big dog is not the bravest dog you have ever met!  He is however a loving and loyal friend.

Yarn spinning day so its back to the studio. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010


The weather was challenging during the days we shared with 3 Japanese Farm stay students.  As soon as the rained ceased for a few minutes it was on with the the coats and gumboots and outside to experience some farm life.  The sheep are very friendly and always arrive when there is an offer of food.  In fact all the animals were fed extra well and are now back on normal feeding routine

The girls were able to follow the process of wool from start to finish with wool washing, drying on racks, dyeing, felting, spinning and even knitting a scarf.  The girls made a small piece of felt each.  As well they made a felt brooch.  I found some koala buttons at the Buninyong Button Shop.

Cooking was of interest to the girls.  Here we are making lamingtons.  I spent some time writing out recipes for the girls to try at home.  We also made sausage rolls, hamburgers and cooked a roast dinner.
After a 4.30am start this morning the girls are on their way to Sydney for the afternoon and then home to Japan.  We had to meet at the local racecourse this morning.  The race horses were training in the morning mist.
At the early morning send off the girls proudly wore their scarves.  I have blurred the faces as I feel it isn't OK to identify the girls without permission - and that was too difficult with our limited English/Japanese translation.

All the washing is finished and now to the studio to catch up on some spinning.  We really enjoyed the company of our visitors

Next weekend I will be at Daylesford Makers Market on Saturday and at the Abbotsford Convent Market on Sunday.  Some serious spinning and knitting this week.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Goose with Attitude

This plump goose and I don't have have the best relationship.  I feel goosie has attitude problems.

This week I had one night when I was out in the cold for half an hour trying to get this goose to go to bed.  Foxes are always ready for an easy meal and as much as I have not too loving feelings towards this animal I would be very upset if we lost him to the foxes. 
Our son, who has long left home, was given this goose when he was in primary school - so add secondary school, uni years and now working.  That all adds up to a number of years we have had goosie.

Next week we have 3 Farm stay students coming to stay with us for 3 days.  I have been cleaning and planning.  As the weather has been rather wet I am planning farm and inside activities.  This time I have girls so if the weather is wet I plan to show them what happens with the wool - from washing fleece and dyeing to spinning, knitting and felting.  Hope we get at least one pleasant day.  Food has been planned also.  We will have a BBQ if weather is kind.  Always I plan for time in the kitchen making lamingtons - this I would say is the favourite activity.  Think it must be about 20 years we have had students coming to stay and by now I have the menu sorted.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Woolly Week

A week of lots of spinning and dyeing.  I am about to brave the rain and go to the studio to pack the last of the orders to be sent out tomorrow morning.  It takes longer for the yarn to dry in this damp weather.  At night I hang the yarn from racks in the loft and this is the best way to get it dry.
All the animals are fed.  Dinner is early on these windy wet days.

 These yarns have been sent to Hip 2 Knit in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Love the natural grey.  Not much left until December shearing.  Let me know if you would like some.  I have some ideas about what I would like to knit but will share!!

Weather is freezing and wet again.  Our road is still closed at the creek.  So far we haven't lost any trees although I have noticed a few trees have fallen over as the ground is saturated and root systems are not deep enough.

Must remember to take my camera when I go into Ballarat next.  Lots of water in Lake Wendouree.

Saturday is the Buninyong Farmers Market.  I'll be in the Buninyong Town Hall from 9am.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Flood

What an afternoon and night of rain.   The flood is gradually reducing.  Last night all I could see was swirling water when I shone my torch out the back door.  No matter what rain gear I wore I still got wet.

One sheep is stranded across the creek.  I kept him (Broker) on this side of the creek all afternoon.  Think he is a swimmer.  He is safe and as he is a loner I guess not very lonely.  The emergency services workers would have been an intrusion in Broker's life last night.

I won't start commenting on some of the driver behaviour last night. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Today the weather forecast is for lots and lots of rain and strong winds.  The dogs, Darwin and Mopsy love their morning walk.  So this morning we walked early before the rain - well it was before the heavy rain.  We are lucky to have a loft for drying the wet coats.

Just as I opened the back door I noticed this beautiful sight.  Where had I left the camera?????  Found it hidden under yarns in the studio (note to myself - its time to have a tidy up day)

And this is the other end of the rainbow.  The dogs and I didn't make it to the end of the rainbow.  In fact it was amazing we made it to the end of the road.  Lots of new smells after the rain and Darwin needed to investigate.  We said hello to Kerrie's dog Scruff, waived and wagged tails when  Nola drove past and near the Creek we managed to startle 2 ducks.  A beautiful morning.

Friday, August 6, 2010

And to keep the little ones warm

Pure wool hand spun, hand dyed and hand knitted hats and scarf. 
All packed for the Yarraville Market

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ladybird, Ladybird.....

These ladybirds are flying to Yarraville for the market on Saturday and Sunday.

And here are some tea cosies from my new range.
A fabric tea cosy with a wool felt lining.

And hand made felt tea cosies decorated with wooden buttons.

This style of tea cosy will fit tea pots of various shapes and sizes.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is where.........................

This is where I'll be next weekend.  I'm busy sewing, knitting and felting this week.  Lots of new stock for the Yarraville Market, new tea cosy design, new hand spun & hand knitted hats, new scarves.

I'm really looking forward to my first Yarraville Market. 

More rain here today.  Don't think it will take much more rain for another flooded creek.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Winter Creek

Along the lower edge of our property we are lucky enough to have a small creek named Winter Creek.  This creek is home to native white tail water rats, ducks, fresh water snails, eels, golden perch and lots more wildlife we are yet to find I'm sure 

Previous owners of this land planted Hawthorn trees along the creek and that's how my business became Hawthorne Cottage.

One of the hawthorn trees on the creek

The creek has enjoyed the winter rains

A lichen masterpiece

Now I'm going to put on my gumboots and take a photo of the flooded creek.

This is one end of our road.  The black mark is a rubbish bin someone has dumped in our creek - full of rubbish.

The sun is shining but the wind is icy.

Another tea cosy day.  I'll be at Yarraville market next weekend so I'll be back to should you some more tea cosies soon.
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