Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How does your garden grow?

GARDEN Tea Cosy is finished and will be available at the Arts Centre Market in Melbourne on Sunday.  A few more tea cosies are almost finished.

It has been a quieter week here.  David has finished fixing the fences that were flattened in the flood. I have been knitting and spinning. Friday will be wool dyeing day and hopefully shearing on Saturday.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Local Knowledge is Helpful

 Today a local man was chatting to David and was telling him about the floods in 1956.  If you look at the power pole you can see the metal band to keep possums from climbing the pole.  The 1956 flood was 2 feet above the band.  Local knowledge is so important as even in that flood our house wouldn't have been flooded - but other houses built since that date would be flooded.  We did not have this information when we built here but we did build on the high ground.

Ducks are making the most of their new playground. This is one end of our road.

The paddocks are still underwater.  All sheep are safe.  We counted them again today just to make sure. Mind you their attitude is what you would say "grumpy"  I went out in the rain this morning to give them hay and they just put their noses in the air and walked off.  And I returned home with gumboots full of water and very wet.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Rain Tonight

 No matter what the weather these happy faces appear in the dam.   I must plant another couple of water lilies.

 "Yes, Well I'm not very happy.  All this wet wool is very heavy and far too wet for shearing.  I found the best spot to shelter."

This flood has been spreading all day.  More rain is expected tonight.  The sheep are on high ground and safe.

Our Road is Washing Away

Today is not a good day for our road.  The water is rushing down and washing away the gravel surface. Early this morning the Council truck got bogged when putting out the "Road Closed" sign. The sign is now in the flood and likely to wash away any time soon.  The poor sheep are sopping wet and no shearing is possible on Saturday.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Old Grey Fergie

This is our old grey Fergie tractor having a rest under the tree.  The mower needs some repairs (I think the mower took one look at all the grass and took a sickie!!!).  The tractor has had many bypasses and transplants over the years.  I notice that David has used a wool pack to keep the tractor dry.  We are shearing on Saturday and I wondered why I was missing a wool pack.

Well we have booked the shearer for Saturday but the rain is bucketing down and it feel it will be impossible to get the sheep dry yet again. 

Thoughts are with those in Queensland.  Each news bulletin gives more news of evacuations and disaster.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Busy Week

The week has been busy here.  Still more to finish today but after I wind off sock yarn into hanks I'm off to town for coffee. Then home to dye yarn.  Great drying weather today.  Well it will be warm although I can hear some rain on the roof just now.

Finally have a shearer organised.  The sheep keep asking me when they can give me their fleeces.  Shearing is a month late due to the rain.  Need to clean out the shed.

A farm scene tea cosy.  A cute grey ceramic sheep with a black face, a chook (chicken), a bee, a barn and of course a farmer.

And now I'm making some smaller cosies like this turret cosy.  Have another small cosy nearly finished so will work to get another one or two finished for the Arts Centre Market in Melbourne on Sunday.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

For the large Teapot

So often I get requests for tea cosies for teapots of different shapes and sizes.  Well here is a tea cosy for the larger teapot. This cosy will fit an 8 cup pot easily and a tall pot as well.  I'll be back later to show you some more new stock for the Arts Centre Market on Sunday and for the web site.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Beauty of Nature

No photos.  You know how often you see wonderful things and either you don't have your camera or the camera would spoil the moment.

Today I have farm chores to do as well as some gardening.  On my way to getting some straw for the chook (chicken) shed I stopped by the dam to see how many leaves are on our water lily plant.  While standing on the side of the dam 2 Pacific ducks arrived for their morning swim.  I stood motionless and they didn't realise I was there.  The ducks chatted to each other as they swam and splashed.  If I had a camera the movement would have ended the occasion.

On Sunday when driving to the train station on my way to the market the fog lifted just as I was leaving.  The grass is very tall after all the rain and there is the occasional extra tall blade of grass. As the fog lifted I could see hundreds of spider webs strung between the extra tall grass.  The sun caught the delicate webs as the breeze slightly added to the shimmer.  This time although  I did have my camera I decide just to enjoy nature.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Burrumbeet Races.

New Years Day for us is always a day at Burrumbeet Races.  The weather was perfect for the country race meeting.  We went early and set up our table under the trees.  Just needed a whole day off before the markets started again.

A future jockey!!  A couple of the race horses had companion ponies and this Shetland was one.  I was surprised  there were no grey horses racing this year. My first ponly was grey and just have a thing about grey horses.

 A picnic atmosphere under the trees. It was a great family day with an animal farm and other activities for the kids.

This Tuscan loaf has just come out of the oven.  Nearly cool enough to eat!

For Christmas lunch I made raspberry coulis.  I made cup cakes and swirled the remaining coulis through the cakes before baking.  Very delicious.

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