Friday, February 25, 2011

Farmers Market

On the 3rd Saturday of each month I take my wool, yarn, handknits and tea cosies to the Buninyong Farmers Market.

As well as selling I also do some buying.  These organic carrots were just delicious.  We baked them with beetroot and fennel also from the same grower.  I purchased egg plant, basil and tomatoes from another stall holder.  It is a small market but with good variety - cakes, free range eggs, olive oil, peanut butter, vegies, salami, soaps, plants, quilts and more.  Market starts at 9am and finishes 12.30 ish.  Stalls are in the Town Hall and outside.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a Peek

Taffy and Anna's wedding is just over a week away.  I have been making the decorations for the end of the pews - 14 of them.  I showed Anna the idea and then purchased the fabric.  There was  just enough of the fabric I wanted remaining on the roll and I couldn't find any more the same "white".  Then I froze.  What if I stuff up?

Finally I picked up the scissors and off I went.  The decorations are nearly finished - hopefully tonight I will put them in the box.  I'm off to the studio again to sew some more.  The sewing machine had a hissy fit this morning and my heat sank.  The bobbin case popped out as it has before.  I'm not sure how I fix it but I can.  It takes a while and I guess it took longer this time as I began to panic.  My machine is an old Singer and I wouldn't change it for the world.  Maybe time for a service though.

So just a peek at the bits and bobs still to be assembled.  Can show you the finished pieces after the wedding as some of you will be at the wedding.

Not much more to do before the wedding.  Taffy and Anna have worked well organising the special day.  Brie is a bridesmaid and we have to collect her dress next week.  Probably a good idea to "wear in" the new shoes.

And I hope that the day is not too hot - I don't do heat!  But the weather is not important, not important at all.  As I have been sewing I have been thinking that there must be many couples in Christchurch whose wedding plans have been totally destroyed.  Family members lost, wedding dresses ruined, the church destroyed. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two Markets this Weekend

With our son's  wedding only a couple of weeks away there has been plenty to do.  Finally I have my outfit and jewellery all sorted.  This week I am making the decorations for the church pews.

As well I have been busy making market stock.  I made these neck scarves and more as well in black and grey.  Brooches have been designed and I'm off to the studio for the afternoon to spin and sew the brooches.

This weekend I'll be at the Buninyong Farmers Market on Saturday and at the Melbourne Arts Centre Market in St Kilda Road on Sunday.

Friday, February 4, 2011

At last I can have my say!

I've been asking for my own blog for ages.  She (the boss) said no but maybe if my wool is beautiful a I can share sometimes and let you know what is happening out in the paddocks.
You know it took ages to get shorn this year.  Had to wait in a queue for the shearer.  We are all feeling so light and bouncy now just like Shaun the Sheep.  I know she is going to spin some of my wool today.

The boss has been so busy with the glam shopping.  The son is getting married so you know what goes on with these humans, new clothes, new shoes.  We  (all 37 of us) check the letter box every day but still no wedding invitation.  Thought we could be a guard of honour. Everyday I'm teaching them but you know some baa doesn't want to be next to some other baa.  Our wool will have grown in another month and we will look quite dashing.  The girls are thinking anklets or even frilly socks.  Us men, well we thought gumboots if it is raining and perhaps a tie.  If she gets that spinning wheel going we could all wear a beanie - knitted in my wool of course.

This photo is of me and some mates.  We have lush grass this year.  Mr Boss is slowly cutting all the thistles.  It will be so good not to have those prickly things in my wool.

Well had best be off.  Need to book accommodation for this wedding.  Would like something close to the church.  Think there is grass around the church so we could have lunch there.  A snooze after the ceremony and then be sprightly for the dancing.  Wonder what the food will be.  Lucerne chaff maybe but that is a bit messy.  Must remember to get some wedding cake for goosie.  One of the mob was allowed to sleep in his yard last night.  This morning so as not to be left out we all went into goosie's yard.  That goose has a fierce peck sometimes.  The promise of wedding cake soothed the situation.

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