Friday, December 18, 2009

The Electric Car a Year On

This is the electric car in action again at Victoria University in Werribee. T and fellow students built the car at RMIT last year. T was invited to drive the car again this year so David and I packed lunch and went to Werribee for the day.
T seemed very pleased to meet up with the green machine again. The car is very quiet on the track. I took photos of the car on the track but my camera isn't quite up to such action.

These are the Lal Lal Falls not far from Ballarat. Last week we enjoyed the company of 2 Japanese students for a farmstay. This is a very small farm but we can always find plenty to do. As well as doing farm things we went to Lal Lal Falls for a walk and a BBQ. The students seemed to have a good time and loved the food I cooked - and that really pleased me.
I will be working late tonight. I have 8 ply yarn to wind into hanks as I have to dye the yarn tomorrow. All day I have found other work to do. Haven't been wasting time as I have been making tea cosies and egg cosies for the market. Also went and signed up for the local gym at the Community Health Centre.
So off to the hanking machine.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ironing Fabric

This magical ironing machine must be at least 60 years old. It was my mother's and I remember her ironing sheets, serviettes, tablecloths and other homely things. Well I don't iron much but I do iron my hand dyed fabrics.

Today I have been ironing fabrics for tomorrow's Northcote Market. I am nearly finished at long last. Most of my stock is packed and I have to price the last pieces of fabric just of the clothes line and ironed.
Next week is major clean up week. I hope I feel the same way on Monday. Well maybe not Monday as I'll be weary after two markets. The shop needs to be restocked, the state of the felting studio is unmentionable and the house is in need of a quick flick of the duster (and more).
Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hay made but no sun

I have photos of shearing but these photos illustrate today's weather so well. The sheep are in the bad books anyway. They have been so noisy since shearing. Maybe they can't recognise each other. We have enjoyed more wonderful rain overnight and it is still raining. These round bales are more protected from rain as they are rolled in a protective mesh.
I feel sorry for the owner of these bales. This is the second time the bales have been rained on. The paddocks around here are small and the hay is sold mostly to small land owners. With such an abundance of hay available I hope there isn't any wastage. The time will come when we are short of feed as a result of drought or fire.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sukie & Northcote Market

According to my list I am supposed to in the studio making felt shawl pins for the Northcote Market.

I had a lovely afternoon enjoying coffee with Betty. We had to have our Christmas coffee early as Betty has family coming to stay next week.

Before I go to the studio I want you to meet Sukie, one of Mopsy's puppies.

How grown up is she. Sukie is now living in Hong Kong but I haven't told Mopsy. I can imagine the request for a trip OS and then Darwin would think he should go as well. Another puppy has gone to Singapore. A most adventurous family.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Northcote Market - November

Next Saturday is the Northcote Market. I love having a stall at this market. You will find me and also Twisted Violet Jewellery in the Hall. A great Market for "Hand Made" Christmas shopping.
Look forward to seeing you there.
Shearing is done. I have some photos to upload so will be back later today or tomorrow. I'm madly making stock for the weekend markets, sorting fleece and have some gardening to get done. Now off to post orders and back to the felting studio.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wooden Dolls

My mother gave me these 3 wooden dolls when I was a very young child. I found them to be very good friends and we chatted about many things I'm sure! The three of them were never separated and I always lined them up together just like this with the doll in uniform in the middle.

We are in for a hot day. After some essential food shopping this morning I am off to the studio. I was to go shopping yesterday but just didn't get there.

The Northcote Market is on again on the last Saturday in November. I will put the address on the blog later on - Well the market is at the Uniting Church in High St. I just can't remember the number.


Our dear old sheep dog Obie, chook protector from foxes and sort of friend of goose died yesterday. This photo was taken a couple of years ago. Obie's coat had faded, he was wobbly on his legs and deaf except when dinner was delivered.
We have been watching him carefully as we decided to take Obie to the vet as soon as we saw any discomfort. Yesterday was shearing day for some sheep. Obie was there barking at the sheep for a while. When we had put the sheep back in paddock David went to get Obie and he had died.
David and Taffy found Obie at the local RSPCA. We think he was about 17 years old. Obie liked to visit neighbours. On one visit he got in a neighbour's car and wouldn't get out so they drove him home. On another visit he and a neighbour's child took a liking to each other - Obie was on said child's bed which I was a little concerned about. Obie just hated water when it came to washing or swimming.
Obie and chook were great friends and if chook didn't go to bed she would be found in Obie's kennel.
David buried Obie today in one of the holes Obie had dug. Obie was rather good at excavating. He had dug such a basement under his kennel that David has to do some reinforcing work to prevent a cave in and kennel collapse. The basement was a bit wet in winter but cool in summer.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


A piece of orange felt with chunky yarn and fleece overlay.
Some of the colours of felt I have made this week. The pieces are large squares which can be embellished, made into a bag or tea cosy or many other items.
I have had a day of "avoidance". We all have them don't we? The market bag is packed and ready for a busy day tomorrow. Fleece has been washed and quickly dried. As well I made felt dolls, packaged dyed fleece and dyed yarn for an order. So a good day in the end.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting Life Started Again

Last week's funeral left us feeling quite lost. We have been pottering around and have a new vergie garden waiting for me to plant seedlings tonight. Have been working on my favourite knits - tea cosies. This grey cosy has yellow and white flowers and some vintage flower buttons given to me by a dear friend Terri.
A dark navy/grey tea cosy with a knitted and felted flowers, beads and braid.

The Hawthorne trees come into blossom with quite a flurry. One day they are green leaves only, then wake up next morning and some trees are all white. Then a few days later the pink blossom appears on the remaining trees. Same time, same routine each year.

And what does a Portuguese Water Dog do on a hot day when he sees the creek? Darwin just loves a swim. The creek was covered in Hawthorne blossom petals but not for long with Darwin splashing.

The clouds have covered the blue sky and reduced some of the heat this afternoon. Time for me to go to the studio and make some small dolls. Last night I cast on to knit a pair of socks although I really must finish the scarf this week. I am only knitting one sock at a time. Think I'd get in a tangle with 2 socks on one circular needle. However if I can find a second circular needle in the correct size I may work on the two socks alternately as I hate having one sock finished and then have to start all over again.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Yesterday was the funeral for our dear daughter, step daughter and sister Michele. Michele was only 42 and did not live to celebrate her 1st wedding anniversary. She died from cancer as did her mother.

My dear husband has buried Michele's mother and now Michele.

Rowena, Brie and Taffy have said goodbye to their sister. The three of them have been such fine family members over this time and I am so proud of the way they have been so generous with their love and care.

And I have lost a loved step daughter and friend.

Today I awoke with no energy and a feeling of numbness. Michele was ill for 2 years. During this time we hoped that here would be a cure, more time but in the end there was nothing left. Michele had operations, chemo, Doctors visits, hope and tears. But there was no cure, no time, no hope, no magic in the end.

Farewell Michele.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Train Knitting

This scarf has been my train knitting of late. When so many commuters get out their lap tops and stare into space I get out my knitting. Sometimes on the way home the train feels too crowded to enjoy knitting. This scarf is a very compact project and I'm using circular needles so no chance of dropping a needle under the train seat. The yarn is Noro sock yarn.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Feeling Lost

I am way behind in my work. Amidst the sadness of losing Michele I have been just working on whatever comes my way. So lots of colourful fleece which needs to be weighed and packaged.

We are in the strange time between death and the funeral. Lots of emotions, memories and I must say exhaustion. I really cherish the most supportive care and love from family and friends. Although we had known for some time that Michele's cancer was terminal it has not softened the blow.

And I made some bootees for little toes. There are lots of small projects to finish. Today I am sorting the shop, labelling yarn and being creative with the colours. Tomorrow I hope is a finishing day.

And then there is the house. Piles of clothes to put away, some food to be cooked, and a general tidy. What do I want to wear to the funeral???

And we won't discuss the vegie garden, I have pulled weeds from half so I should have that finished this week.

Friday, October 30, 2009

And We Say Farewell

Our dear daughter, step daughter and sister Michele has left this earth. Michele was diagnosed with cancer two years ago with most of her treatment being at the Women's Hospital. Last week Michele moved to the Caritas Christi Hospice and died there this morning.

I will miss my visits to Michele. I will miss chatting to her as she had chemo. She talked of hopes for the future and felt sad about her shortened life.

Farewell Michele and thank you for allowing us to share your journey.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Favourite Blossom

Each year I wait for my favourite blossom. I have 3 quince trees which provide us with quinces some years and not others, depending on the winds in October. So far so good this year.

Mopsy our dog comes home from the breeder this week. These are two of the rascals. It was impossible to get all nine puppies together for a family group photo. Mopsy is so over her puppies and I'm sure will be glad to come back to the quieter farm life. Darwin is missing Mopsy but as Darwin has taken over Mopsy's kennel who knows what sort of welcome there will be. They certainly both won't fit in the one kennel.

This little chap was in a bucket hiding under another bucket. Rather difficult to get a photo of a frog in a bucket. Frogs are returning to this area and can be rather noisy.
I'm off to the felting studio to make some felt squares for upcoming markets. Have a few ideas so will take some photos of finished pieces. No shortage of materials here, just the time to get things done. Have washed fleece today and have spread it out to dry in the sun.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A walk with Darwin

Usually we take Darwin for two walks each day. David takes him down the paddock for a good run. I take Darwin down the road and to the creek and sometimes to check on the fruit trees. Today has been rather rainy so I waited for a break in the weather for the walk. And I thought I should take some photos as we wandered along. Well don't know what was in the wattle but Darwin was rather interested.

We needed to check who may have been around recently....

And then our attention turned to the sheep we spotted in the paddock.....

Water in the creek. Being a Portuguese Water Dog we need to study the water flow, decide if the weather is suitable for a swim...not today as it is too cold.................

You know, sometimes there are ducks in the creek and they do an impressive fly past just for me...

Well we kept walking and I was wanting to eat the camera and she put it away!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Puppies at 5 Weeks

Just how cute are these puppies. I think it will be impossible to get all 9 puppies together in the one photo. David, Brie and I are going to visit the puppies some time this week so there will be more photos.

I have not seen water in the fountain in the Ballarat Gardens for years. Such a graceful sight as the water catches the light.

And Wallace is in a prominent position to keep a watchful eye.

I now have to go and hang out washing and do some baking. Michele is quite ill now and we are all taking turns to visit her in Melbourne. We are being careful not to do the visitor overload. Michele is in hospital but may be able to go home for a while.
It is important for us to eat healthy food and when I'm tired I grab whatever. So with some planning I have been preparing meals today so there is always something ready to be heated. David and I seem to pass like ships in the night but on V Line trains , not ships.

Did the washing today thinking I'll get it dry - well blue clouds and breeze. Of course when I put the washing on the clothes line the grey clouds and rain arrived.
Dyeing lots of fleece so will take photos when I have time.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Northside Makers Market

Next Saturday I will be at the Northside Makers Market. I always enjoy the markets at Northcote. Have been busy making some new stock including tea cosies.

My garden needs lots of TLC but some flowers just bloom not matter what.

Have been busy with the tea cosies this week. Pinks & mauves....

...and yellows....

...and blues....

and orange and red.......

I am now going back to the dyepot. Have some yarn to dye for tomorrow's market. No rain so the yarn hopefully will dry outside and then I'll hang it in front of slow combustion stove.

Have Dustteam coffee this week and Ravelry knitting as well. Will be in Melbourne one day with Michele. She is having chemo so we chat while all that is happening. Nurses at RWH are the best, always friendly and caring.
Getting lots of knitting finished so hope to have more tea cosies for the Northcote Market.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Show and the Girls

Brie and I enjoyed a day at the Royal Melbourne Show during the week. The weather was OK and we had a great day. We like the farm, animal and craft sections of the show. This is some machinery from Lake Goldsmith near Ballarat.

What a fabulous pattern on this chook (chicken as some call them). The poultry shed was very noisy as you can imagine. I would like some more chooks but need a safer chook yard. We have one chook who lays us an egg each day and definitely has had 9 lives.

Been there and done the duck thing. Really like ducks but very messy (always at front door!) and getting them to bed was quite a chore. Foxes take a nightly stroll here.

The main reason to go to show was to watch the Garyowen. The rider and horse put so much time into preparing for this event. A delight to watch.

We took a picnic to the show, had our compulsory cup of tea at the CWA and then headed for the crafts pavilion. Love to look at the decorated cakes, knitting, bookbinding and other cooking preserves.

And these are Mopsy's five girls. Not ready for yesterdays blog as it took time to prepare to be photgraphed. Fine young pups full of energy.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Boys

These are Mopsy's handsome boys. They are 4 weeks old now. I just went out to feed Darwin and he is all wet. And that is a lot of wetness! Brie is coming home and when she is here Darwin loves to come in and sit on his bed. Well thats not happening tonight. By the way Darwin has the choice of 4 kennels as Mopsy is away so there is no need for him to stand in the rain.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Another puppy picture. One puppy was almost all black. Just think all nine will grow into dogs like Darwin below.
Brie was home for the weekend. We took the mighty Darwin for a walk. Darwin is Brie's dog and he loves to see her. And he really misses Brie when she goes home and I guess that is why Darwin and I need to have a serious talk about his behaviour today.

Just a glimpse of some soft pinky rainbow Chunky yarn which will be available on Etsy

The Ballarat Gardens are looking majestic at the moment. I have taken a few photos and will include them over the next week. Recent rain has given the gardens that lush green grass and colourful blooms.

Beautiful colours inspiring new yarn colours. You often find little treasures tucked away near the fence.

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