Thursday, April 16, 2009

Use It or Lose It

As I have my blog working today I am blogging again. This is some of the yarn I have been dyeing. I usually wait until I have a days worth of dyeing now. I can then concentrate on the dyeing and just knit as I am waiting. I am also dyeing some handspun fleece which I call Curly Fleece Yarn. I have been spinning some English Leicester and Corriedale blend for Chunky Yarn. This blend has a silky feel and is lustrous. Great to dye

As mosy of my blog readers know I am "into" tea cosies. This is the latest tea cosy I have put on Etsy.
The cool weather is here so I need to make more hats. A new cherry red hat, knitted and then felted . I have another 8 to finish this week. Must knit more orange hats as orange is one of the most popular colours.
More Easter cooking. I made some hot cross buns. Didn't get to glaze or put crosses on these buns. Also I didn't add any peel (allergies in this household) and managed to get the spices just right. Won't be waiting for Easter to make these again. I soaked the fruit for a couple of hours before making the buns - made the dough in the bread maker and then cooked in the oven. That is how I cook most of my bread now.
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At Easter I made this delicious brioche. The brioche always works in this sculptured cake mould. Must say I have has some weird looking cakes when baked in this cake mould so I'll just use it for brioche now.
Easter seemed to go so quickly. On Easter Sunday I went to Melbourne to sell my yarns at the Arts Centre market. Enjoyed the day. Some friends came to visit and sales were good.
This week is busy with volumnes of yarn to dye. There is quite a breeze today to dry the hanks. Must remember to bring in the yarn early to avoid the evening dampness
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