Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stella's New Winter Coat

Every year I make Stella a new coat.  This year I was trying to think of a theme.   I had some of this delightful bird fabric from Bloom which gave me an idea. This bird fabric is a very soft knitted fabric.

I sewed a strip of the bird fabric along the side of the coat.  I then cut out felt birds and sewed them on adding button eyes.

I use a woven ready made sheep coat with a few alterations.  The edges of the fabric are a bit rough along slits for the legs so I have bound them with a soft plush fabric.  I hope the sewing machine is OK as the coat fabric is tough to sew.
Stella was not obliging when I wanted her to pose for the yearly "New Coat" photo.  This is a size 3 coat.  The larger size is too loose.  As the wool grows the gusset at the neck can be let out.

I plan to coat more of the sheep next week.  I will add a bird or 2 to their coats but Stella is the Princess.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Packing for Sunday's Market

Just thought I would give you a peek at some new yarns I have for the market at the Arts Centre in Melbourne on Sunday.  Finishing in the yarn "dept" this morning but I will have some yarn which is still drying to label tomorrow.

I now have sock yarn available again.  About to label the remainder of the colours.

And lots of 8 ply.  Some yarn is still in the dyepot and other yarn is drying in the loft.   New hats are almost ready - just need to add a finishing touch.  I've had a really productive week. 
Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This Week's Colours

 It is a busy week here dyeing kilos of yarn. I have been winding yarn into hanks on my trusty hanking machine which saves so much time when yarn is on cones.

The dye supply was low so I have mixed colours and have a full range of dyes in bottles to choose from now.

A small sample of yarns which will be available at the Arts Centre Market in Melbourne on Sunday. Some of the yarn I have been dyeing has been for friends who are talented knitters.  Looking forward to seeing the knitted results.

Sock yarn is next to be dyed and after disappointing a few customers I will hopefully put some smiles on sock knitters faces on Sunday.

Have washed a couple of fleeces today.  David has cleaned the chimney so the heater is working again and warming the loft.  I do have to go out to the studio this afternoon to wind more yarn but luckily I have lots of knitting to get done so I'll sit by the heater.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Click Clack

In the southern hemisphere it is time to get out the needles and start knitting.  This week has been very cold in Ballarat.

I have been spinning more of the multicoloured yarns for the Arts Centre Sunday Market in Melbourne. Last week I sold out.  This week I have these two yarns and another olive and watermelon plied with natural brown - that hank is still drying!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day Market at Arts Centre

The Arts Centre is always a busy place on Mothers Day.  The Mothers Day Classic run and walk takes place early and then the participants and families wander enjoying a coffee and browsing the market.

Weather is getting colder so I have been busy making hats and scarves.

A knitted felted hat with a wool and silk band.

The ever popular helmet hat

A mobius scarf with scarf pin.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What to Knit with Chunky Yarn

As I am often asked what can be knitted using a hank of Chunky yarn I thought it was time to give you some ideas.

One hank of Chunky (50 metres) and a small amount of 8 ply (DK)  will be enough yarn to knit you a beret.

The rib bank is knitted using 2 strands of 8ply yarn.  The pattern is available free with the purchase of a hank of chunky.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Life with Red Lanterns

Tomorrow is your first chance to view Maria Cook's Quilt Exhibition at Space 22 at 22 Main Road Ballarat.   The exhibition is open Thursday to Sunday, 12 noon till 5pm until May 22nd.

Another Life by Maria Cook

Maria has displayed her quilts in two rooms at the gallery.

Room one holds quilts that have been made of fabric obtained from used kimonos"
Detail of Another Life

"In Room two I have been attempting to make quilts by use of only one or two colours  exploring the texture and tone of a limited palette"

Detail of Red Lanterns
Official Opening is on Saturday 7th May at 3pm.

This coming weekend is Ballarat Heritage weekend so there is plenty to see if you are visiting the area.

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