Monday, September 22, 2008

Farm Happenings

Meet Broker! He is rather a solitary sheep, seen here resting after lunch. He is usually found at the opposite end of the paddock from the other sheep. Guess he just likes doing his own thing and growing a beautiful cinnamon fleece.

Meet chook. We only have one chook at present. This generous chook lays 6 eggs each week. The cycle at present works so chook has Sunday off, no eggs on Sunday. Must add to the chook population soon. We have enjoyed eggs from our one chook all through winter.

Chook shares the yard with Goosie, a very cross and crabby goose. Our son T was given this goose when he was in primary school. T finishes Uni this year. Note: when T left home he didn't take goose.

Meet goose. Although T can tuck this animal under is arm and carry him to bed I often have quite an ordeal getting goose to go to bed. We have lock up goose and chook from the foxes every night.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Morning Walk

A casual morning walk turned into quite a game for Mopsy. The garbage truck had had a difficult time in the wind yesterday. There were bags littering the roadside. It seemed logical to me that Mopsy and I could walk down the road to the creek and I would collect bags. Well Mopsy wanted to collect each bag, tear it to shreads so I was running all over the place on a windy morning to catch the bag now in several pieces.
It is difficult to get Mopsy to stand still for a photo. Even when I managed to get her atttention the wind blew through her coat. The weather is getting walmer but not enough to chance clipping.
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