Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year - Market

After the Christmas rush it has been a quiet week to recover.  Hope you have found some quiet time before the New Year celebrations begin.

Markets begin again on Sunday at the Arts Centre Market in Melbourne.  So new stock for the New Year.

A periwinkle tea cosy with yellow and blue flowers.

And a touch of glamour with this purple beaded tea cosy.

Am packing for the market today so will take more photos - might be back later.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Where will I see you??

If you are out and about this weekend you will find me at Buninyong Farmers Market on Saturday Morning, the Daylesford Makers Twilight Market from 4pm Saturday and then on Sunday at the Melbourne Arts Centre Market from 10am.  So still plenty of markets to browse for last minute gifts.
I'm all packed and ready to go!!!

This week I have been designing tea cosies, brooches and felted hats.  Yarn spinning is next on the list.

This cosy is the last one finished today.  A colour combination that would suit a vintage teaset.

A mini tea cosy for the mini teapot.
Red and charcoal is a popular colourscheme.  This cosy sold as soon as I put it on the website.  Will make more with a red theme.

Friday, December 10, 2010

To Market, To Market

Life is busy, busy for most of us before Christmas.  Sometimes we need to take some time out.  I've been in the vegie garden this afternoon.  Pulled out lots of weeds, planted vegies and ate raspberries. Yum.

Sunday I'm at the Arts Centre with lots of sock yarn and new  tea cosies.

And then next weekend I'm at the Buninyong Farmers Market on the morning of the 18th, then in the afternoon I'll be at Daylesford Makers Twilight Market.  Sunday the 19th is the last Arts Centre Market for the year.  So some great markets for last minute shopping including vegies and fruit at Buninyong.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yarn for Socks

More sock yarn has found its way out of the dye pot - well not by itself.  These yarns are about to listed on the website. Dyeing a mix of colours, not leaving the guys out this time!  Sock Yarn

Yarn Thursday

A peek at some of the yarn available from my Shop this afternoon.  Market customers are welcome to contact me if they would like a particular colour and you can then collect from the Arts Centre Market on Sunday.  I'll be adding sock yarns, 5 ply, 8 ply and Chunky yarn.  So back to the studio to label the yarn.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Farm Tea Cosy

I have just added this new tea cosy to my Etsy shop. Tea Cosy  Have finished two more cosies so will show them to you tomorrow.

This week I am weaving another floor rug and need to get some sock yarn in the dye pot for the Melbourne Sunday Arts Market.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sock Yarn at Arts Centre Market

The sock yarn is ready to be launched tomorrow.  The yarn was dyed yesterday and it didn't take long to dry.  Just finished winding the yarn into balls.  Not sure if I can always do this but when you buy sock yarn you just want to start knitting.

Some browns and greens and blues

 Pink mix, purples and a jewel mix.

Red/orange and a dark turquoise/grey/brown mix.

I'll be at the Melbourne Arts Centre Market from 10am.  Remember that if you spend $20 you can fill in a form for the Christmas prize draw.

If you can't make it to the market and want to purchase some sock yarn please contact me.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Mauve Day

A brooch made using a hand made ceramic button and vintage lace.

And a tea cosy with the ever popular mauve/purple theme.

I will be in the SIDE ROOM at the Buninyong Makers Market tomorrow.  Market starts at 10am in the Buninyong Town Hall.  Customer Raffle at the Market also.

Catch Up Friday

During the week we finally went to see the Lal Lal Falls. We often go to the falls for a BBQ/Picnic but this is the first time for ages there has been such a waterfall.  I packed a picnic as it was David's birthday.

The sky has been putting on quite a display.  Cloud formations and colours have been magical.

Within a few minutes the colours and cloud formations change.

Our last group for the year of Farmstay students has been to stay with us.  This time the girls really wanted to send postcards home.  I didn't dare say that they would be home before the postcards would arrive as these farmstays are only for a few days.   The weather was kind to us with the only rain falling on the last morning.

I'll be back later to show you new tea cosies ready for the weekend markets at Buninyong and Arts Centre Melbourne.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunday Market Christmas Competition

The Arts Centre Market (St Kilda Rd, Melbourne) Christmas Competition starts this Sunday 5th December and the final Sunday is 19 December 2010.  Customers need to spend $20.00 at one of the many market stalls and fill in the entry form to be in the running to win one of four $60.00 vouchers to spend in the Sunday Market from January- June 2011.  These are some of the brooches available from the Hawthorne Cottage Stall.

Crochet flower brooches with face centres.

 Vintage gold lace combined with black velvet and a vintage glass button.  Perfect for evening wear
And the so popular yellow with dragon fly Japanese fabric and dragonfly charm brooch.  The brooches are attached to a handmade paper card and a perfect gift.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Red, Red Rose

A friend called in last week and gave me these beautiful roses.  These are real roses, roses that have a perfume.  I placed the vase in the centre of the house so I would walk past them often and enjoy the rose perfume.

Last week was one of those crazy weeks with too much happening and I really appreciated the gift of roses.  We got through and with an early night I think I will have recovered.

Had a great day at the Daylesford Makers Market today.  And I am all packed and ready for the Arts Centre tomorrow, the tomato plants are where they should be and I dyed some sock yarn.  Why I decided I should dye sock yarn at the end of a busy day I don't know.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Busy Weekend

It is time to pack for two markets this weekend.  Just a preview of a couple of new tea cosies I have finished.

Love the red tractor although I'm still looking for a grey Fergie!!  New brooches are also ready to be packed.  The brooches have been very popular as gifts to post overseas. Tomorrow's market is the Award winning Daylesford Makers Market.  And on Sunday you will find me in Melbourne at the Arts Centre Market.

A storm has passed through today.  Very heavy rain, then blue sky and now all cloudy again.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Car

My car is not new but it is the newest old car I have ever owned.

Today we are having words, serious words.

Car belonged to my son (son has moved on in the car dept).  Car came to me with a new engine and never has there been an ounce of trouble.  We speak kindly to each other when ever we go out together.

That is, except for today.  Today of all days.

So car your choice of day to stop was bad, bad, bad
Timing - You knew it was the worst time.
Place - So scary with a huge truck nibbling the tow bar.

And then you won't tell me what is wrong.  I am being asked all sorts of mechanical questions and you know I am a mechanical idiot.  And then 2 hours later after I have managed to get Japanese Farmstay students and large cases to airport bus by other means   -   you decide you will start and want to go home.

But car you haven't tricked me - Son knows more about you than he let on previously and some new parts are on their way.  And you need to behave if you want your photo on my blog!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Markets Ahead

Next Saturday I'll be at the Daylesford Makers Market.  This is going to be a big market with lots of stall holders.  I have some new tea cosies on the go.

A very busy week here with Japanese farm stay students arriving tomorrow.  I have been madly baking today.  Will be back with some photos.

And next Sunday I'll be back at Arts Centre Market in Melbourne.  Let me know if you are interested in particular items and I will include them when packing.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Record no of blurry photos

A certain young man had his summer haircut today.  How handsome is Darwin!  We have been waiting for warmer weather as he is not the bravest when the weather is cold and he has been clipped.  However the time had arrived when there were too many knots and Darwin went for a ride in the car today.  I have been trying to take photo to put on this blog so that his owner Brie could how great how great he looks.  I am not going to tell you how many photos I had to take.  Darwin wanted to keep the camera as a trophy, then he thought my shoes were worth looking at and then there was a cat in view and on and on it went.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tea Time at the Market

I have just taken a break from the studio to show you some new tea cosies ready for the Arts Centre Market Sunday on St Kilda Road, Melbourne.  The market opens at 10am and is on every Sunday except Boxing Day.

Button and Felt stack top knot!!  Aqua tea cosy decorated with wool and silk hand made felt and embroidery.

Orange tea cosy decorated with lots of ladybirds.

Red heart tea cosy.  The tea cosies have a knitted lining and are hand knitted in Australian wool.  In fact most of the wool has been produced by our sheep.  Which reminds me that that I must arrange shearing or there will be a noisy protest meeting in the paddock.

If you can't make it to the market but would like a tea cosy just contact me.  There will be more tea cosies on the website  and Etsy tomorrow.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sunday at the Arts Centre

Handmade gifts are definitely high on the list for gift giving this year.  I'll be at the Arts Centre Market on Sunday, at the back of the grass and Hamer Hall end of the row of market stalls.

I have made brooches and attached the brooches to hand made gift cards.

And another version of the ever popular ladybird tea cosy.  I have made a larger cosy to suit the 6 to 8 cup tea pot.  This is a very stretchy cosy so will suit a variety of teapots.  We know tea pots come in all shapes and sizes!!

And a sample of neck scarves and brooches - a great handmade gift to send overseas.  I hand spin, hand dye and hand knit the yarn and hand make the scarf pin.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Daylesford Tomorrow

Today I'm finishing some new tea cosies for the Daylesford Makers Market tomorrow.

Some new colours have been dyed

New neck scarves and scarf pins are finished.

And the first of my new range of brooches.

Monday, November 1, 2010

End of Blogtoberfest

Won't say I didn't try to blog on the last day.  I was up early to blog before leaving for the market and that is dedication.  No internet!!!

When I returned home last night I thought I would post final blog for October before dinner.  No internet!!!

Winner of the tea cosy is Baukje.  I'll  contact you this week.

And here is a pleasant way to spend some time on a Sunday afternoon reading under the shelter of the sculpture.

A great market yesterday at the Arts Centre.  Many customers have started Christmas shopping.  I am not that well organised yet.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Twelve Months Today

It is twelve months today since Michele died from cancer.  A day of memories and sadness for us all.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lost the Camera

Had a bit happening in this household this week.  Feeling a little weary and then today I lost the camera.  I knew I had seen the camera somewhere.  Attached to the camera is last years members card for the New Years Day Burrumbeet Races and I thought this had eliminated any further "disappearing spells" the camera might have.  The card is bright green and stands out more than the grey/blue and silver camera.

Eventually when the camera and I were reunited the light was fading.  A couple of items for the Arts Centre Market in Melbourne on Sunday. 

A burnt umber and orange hat with hand felted hat band and crochet flower.  I have a few new hats for Sunday.

And of course there will be more hand spun, hand dyed yarn.  And lots of felt pieces for those who work with felt.  I have a couple of brown grey felt pieces ideal for animals.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Replenishing Market Stock

The brooch box was looking rather depleted after 2 markets last weekend.  The glass buttons on this brooch are just so delicate.  I purchased them in an antique shop in Sioux City, Iowa a few years ago.  The felt is made from wool from our sheep.

Black felt with fan and gold and black beads.

A brooch made especially for the tea drinker with tea pot and tea cup buttons.

A dragonfly and flowers on knitted leaves and handmade felt. 

These are just some of the brooches ready for the Arts Centre Market on Sunday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

'No Worries Curries'

Last Sunday at the Arts Centre Market my stall was next to the 'No Worries Curries' stall.   No Worries Curries  have a great variety of curries so have a look at their website.  Today I have Butter Chicken cooking on the slow combustion stove.  The aroma is wafting up into the loft.  I'm looking forward to dinner tonight. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

City Sheep

These sheep I call the city sheep.  The sheep sculptures by Les Kossatz are situated on the grass outside
Cafe Vic at the Arts Centre in Melbourne.

  I wonder what my sheep would think if they came to live here and eat the grass.

I remember shearing time when I was a child.  After the sheep had been shorn the shearer would  direct the sheep to run down the ramp into the counting yard.

Occasionally a sheep would walk back up the ramp and back into the shed.  Wouldn't think a sheep would wish to be shorn all over again.  Just inquisitive I guess.

So even when I am at the Arts Centre Market there are sheep close by.
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