Friday, October 29, 2010

Lost the Camera

Had a bit happening in this household this week.  Feeling a little weary and then today I lost the camera.  I knew I had seen the camera somewhere.  Attached to the camera is last years members card for the New Years Day Burrumbeet Races and I thought this had eliminated any further "disappearing spells" the camera might have.  The card is bright green and stands out more than the grey/blue and silver camera.

Eventually when the camera and I were reunited the light was fading.  A couple of items for the Arts Centre Market in Melbourne on Sunday. 

A burnt umber and orange hat with hand felted hat band and crochet flower.  I have a few new hats for Sunday.

And of course there will be more hand spun, hand dyed yarn.  And lots of felt pieces for those who work with felt.  I have a couple of brown grey felt pieces ideal for animals.

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