Monday, April 29, 2013

Farewell Goosie

Goosie has lived with us for 21 years. Last week goosie died peacefully one night.

Goosie was given to our son when he was in primary school.  Goosie and our son were special friends. Goosie gave me a hard time. When I fed him at night I would have to call "Go to bed Goosie" from behind the gate.  The time I had to wait  would depended on Goosie's mood.   If I hurried Goosie he would charge at me flapping his wings and with beak open ready to bite.  If the foxes were around the "goose alarm" would sound to protect the chooks in the yard next door.

It was a strange friendship but I will miss Goosie.

1 comment:

busygnomes said...

Even though he ruled the yard, he was part of your day ritual for 21years!, a great age, and you will miss him. Will be back in ballarat the week of the 30th june, will ring when we arrive. Looking forward to seeing you xx

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