Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ready for Chilly Nights

This week I have made new beds - for the dogs.   I buy hessian sacks and fill them with wool.  I keep wool at shearing time that I'm not going to spin, wash and dry it.  Then I have a great filling for the beds.

The dogs will play tug of war with the beds. They will take them out of the kennels to have a nap on a nice afternoon. Then we have to make sure the beds are back in the kennels before any rain.  Eventually the dogs will make a small hole, which becomes bigger and bigger.  Then we need to have a big clean up after all the wool filling has been removed in another game. And then its time for new beds.

This morning is rather cool for a change.  Dogs do not want to get out of bed. I'm sure thy are very cosy.

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