Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spring Pink

The quince tree is covered in blossom.  I think we will have a large crop of quinces as the weather has been kind and we haven't had much windy weather.

I made a pink spring tea cosy this week.

One of the crab apple trees outside my studio.

This is a very old apple tree near the creek.


baukje said...

I love the flowers of the quince tree. Here in france I have lots of quinces , their smell is so delicious. Do you have some recipes???j

apiecefullife said...

At last! a blog!
Lovely quinces, can't wait.

Hawthorne C said...

Hi Baukje, I like baked quinces. As well I cook the quinces with apple and freeze. Then I use as pie filling. Also cook the quince with lamb in the tajine.

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