Saturday, November 15, 2008

Camping at Daylesford

At the last minute on a Friday afternoon we decided to go to Jubilee Lake at Daylesford. We have a small camping trailer which makes setting up camp a breeze. I made dinner before we left so we only needed some food for breakfast and for the dog. This was the first time we had taken Mopsy camping. I was a little nervous in case Mopsy barked and kept other campers awake - we all know how awful that can be. I did not need to worry. Mopsy had a wonderful time meeting new playmates. When it was time for bed she went into her cosy spot under the camper and thats where she slept all night with only a growl at some fury creature which passed by and a bark at something else.
Jubilee Lake is a superb setting with picturesque walks around the lake. We plan to go back soon although life is getting busy before Christmas.

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