Friday, October 8, 2010

Photo Free Friday

Well I didn't intend this blog to be photo free.  I went to Melbourne today to collect some work items, wandered around the Vic Market and went to a movie.  My camera was in the bottom of my bag and stayed there!

A scene in the movie theatre was like a comedy sketch.  Two sisters, quite elderly, came into the theatre.  They each wanted to sit in the middle of the row.  Each one's idea of the middle of the row was about 5 seats out and in separate directions and that's were they sat.  Then there was a very loud conversation as we now had 5 seats separation how someone had told one of them that they must have an ice cream at Brunetti.  So one was having an ice cream and the other wasn't.  And at the end of the film I heard a comment that they had just wasted 2 hours going to a movie! 

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