Thursday, October 21, 2010


It has been one of those really productive days.  Lots of spinning, felting and dyeing and a couple more tea cosies completed.

With 2 markets coming up this weekend I have finished my work for the week.  Tomorrow is clean the studio and pack up day.

The felt is all dry and ready for a label.  Many requests for felt for making small animals and also brooches so I have a small range ready.  Will make more felt next week with the fleece I have washed and dyed this week.

Hope to see lots of locals at Buninyong Makers Market on Saturday.


Missymaomao said...

Lovely colours. I bet it felt good to finish the felting.
You should do well at the markets with those lovely colours.

baukje said...

I work with wool felt, is that the same as your felt. I sometimes felt old woolen sweaters and sometimes I buy on Etsy.

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