Saturday, October 9, 2010

Market Packing

I'm packed and ready for tomorrow's market.  I'll be back at the Arts Centre Market in St Kilda Rd, Melbourne after a few months break.  Where possible I travel by train to markets.  This requires some creative packing.

We used to have storage at the Arts Centre but as Hamer Hall is being refurbished there is no longer any storage.  I have been making lists so I hope I am properly sorted for tomorrow.

The train is an easy way to travel when the market is near a station.  Environmentally it is better to use the train than have another car on the highway.  The trains are not always comfortable, often being overcrowded or late.  The Sunday evening train is often a nightmare, sometimes being late to arrive at the station which makes for a crowded platform and a surge of people all pushing to get on the train.

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