Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Country Sheep

Why country sheep you ask???  Tomorrow will find out about the city sheep I found last Sunday .

A wheelbarrow of cut grass.  Nothing exotic like lucerne hay, just grass.  But did this cause a commotion.

We have been mowing the grass at long last.  The ground has dried out enough and the mower didn't get bogged. (Didn't stop someone else getting the car bogged on Sunday but that's another story)

These sheep have so much grass in the paddock.  But when I fed the chooks (chickens in some countries)  the barrow load of cut grass the sheep went crazy.  Why had they been left out, forgotten, deserted, starved.  So much fuss I went and filled the barrow for them.

And you know what.  They didn't touch the cut grass, just put noses in the air and walked off!!!!

Ungrateful four legged friends.

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