Friday, October 22, 2010

Mr Guinea Fowl

Meet old man guinea fowl!!  He has this favourite spot in the grass where he spends a lot of his time.  He can see what is going on and is protected from the wind. 

This morning this small creature tormented the dogs.  Very early, before I even wanted to be awake he was walking up and down in front the the dog yard.  The dogs obviously wanted their freedom as well so I had to get up and investigate what the barking was about.  It was just the guinea fowl.

We have only one guinea fowl left.  I must get some more although this man may be hostile to newcomers.

1 comment:

gill said...

I love guinea fowl (we call them gleanies!) I used to keep them but rashly gave them away to a friend for her elderly/sick father who lost them all to a fox!
I must get some more

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