Thursday, October 7, 2010

Darwin the Fabulous Dog

 An exhausted puppy.  This is Darwin just after Brie had collected him from breeder  Jane  It was all too much so the puppy just went to sleep.  Darwin has grown a lot since then.

 When Brie moved house Darwin came to live with us and Mopsy who is also a Portuguese Water Dog.

 "Just having a stretch and letting you know I might get bored any minute".

Darwin is a wonderful dog who is interested in everything happening here and for 20 kms around.  He has days when he just likes a walk, then there are days when we need to smell everything and there are the days when he needs to carry everything.  He loves nothing better than to lean on you or sit next to you on the verandah.

David had just been out with the lawnmower so Mr Darwin had to have a roll in the grass.  Then of course he wondered why he was all covered in grass so he had to do much shaking.

When we had a hailstorm today most people were under cover.  Not our Darwin.  He thought someone was throwing balls for play time. 

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