Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tea Cosies and Puppy News

Have been making Tea Cosies. These two I have made this week for the Arts Centre Market and I have several more nearly finished. If you are interested in tea cosies but are unable to get to the market let me know. The cosies have a knitted lining so will keep your tea warm.

Last weekend Mopsy gave birth to 9 healthy puppies, 4 more than expected. We haven't been to visit the puppies as yet. Mopsy has apparently been very protective of her new crew. If you are interested in Portuguese Water Dogs have a look at

Spinning is becoming so popular again. I have been washing fleece today, a very dark black brown, a gorgeous donkey brown and white. Took a photo and have left the camera in the studio so will post a photo tomorrow. Will take a mixture of colours to the market.

Its dark and I haven't fed the animals. They will be rather annoyed with me so had better be off and put together some meals for them. I'm sure they will understand I had an order to label and pack.

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