Friday, September 4, 2009

Puppies and Fleece

We live just south of Ballarat and our bulbs bloom just a little later than in town . But every year they return with happy faces.

Have been washing fleece this week. Just as well I have it all dry as the rain is pelting down today. Some of the fleece will be at my stall at the Arts Centre market on Sunday. The remainder is for the next Ewe Beaut Fibre Sampler

And here are Mopsy's puppies one week old today. I have been informed that Mopsy is the perfect mother although she does tend to bury the pups in the straw. Can't wait to go and visit. We are certainly missing Mopsy. The big boy Darwin is enjoying special attention. Last night I wanted to bring him inside for some TLC. Darwin seemed to have other ideas and kept running off with the lead expecting to go for a walk in the dark. This morning he was perfect making up for last nights questionable behaviour.

Our next door neighbour must have sold her house although the "Sold" sign hasn't been put up. New people moving in today - well trying to move in. A truck with the biggest container arrived and took one look at the wet roadside. Lots of turning, churning mud and messed up gravel road and truck was bogged. Didn't think it was appropriate to go out with camera. Eventually the truck, container and furniture left. Guess if you purchased 10 acres you would think it would be easy to move in. The entrance to the block is quite narrow. Will keep a watch out for the next episode.

Going to have to make a mad dash to the studio - rain still heavy. Have felted hats to finish this afternoon.

1 comment:

busygnomes said...

congrats to the new Mum.
Yes I saw the semi, Thought for a second that it had lost its load.Lots of stuff, how big is the house?

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