Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Show and the Girls

Brie and I enjoyed a day at the Royal Melbourne Show during the week. The weather was OK and we had a great day. We like the farm, animal and craft sections of the show. This is some machinery from Lake Goldsmith near Ballarat.

What a fabulous pattern on this chook (chicken as some call them). The poultry shed was very noisy as you can imagine. I would like some more chooks but need a safer chook yard. We have one chook who lays us an egg each day and definitely has had 9 lives.

Been there and done the duck thing. Really like ducks but very messy (always at front door!) and getting them to bed was quite a chore. Foxes take a nightly stroll here.

The main reason to go to show was to watch the Garyowen. The rider and horse put so much time into preparing for this event. A delight to watch.

We took a picnic to the show, had our compulsory cup of tea at the CWA and then headed for the crafts pavilion. Love to look at the decorated cakes, knitting, bookbinding and other cooking preserves.

And these are Mopsy's five girls. Not ready for yesterdays blog as it took time to prepare to be photgraphed. Fine young pups full of energy.

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