Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Peek at Sunday's Market

The new stock for tomorrows market at the Arts Centre in Melbourne is packed and ready. There will be lots of 8ply. The windy weather has helped get it all dry this week

There are 8 new knitted and felted hats, these two and a brown, green, camel & blues.

Of course there is Chunky Yarn in reds, burnt oranges, greens, purples and more. As well I have made up some bags of "Bits & Pieces" which some inventive people just love. Think I packed about 5 of these bags which are a bargain and also give you the chance to try different colours.

David and I have just come home from a BBQ at La Lal Falls near Ballarat. Not an elaborate BBQ, just some lamb and rosemary sausages, fresh bread rolls and yummy salad - and a cuppa of course. We took Darwin with us as Mopsy is away with her puppies. Sometimes Darwin is the perfect dog and today was one of those days. He looked longingly at the table but didn't jump up on anything. So proud of him. Have more photos of the lovely Lal Lal Falls area which I will post in a day or two.

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Missymaomao said...

Lovely wool and those hats!
Catch up soon.

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