Saturday, September 12, 2009

Water in the Lake

Last year we planted quite a few fruit trees around the studio. It is the beginning of spring and buds are appearing on all the trees. I often walk Darwin around to visit each tree and am delighted that the tress have survived their first year.

In the studio I have been spinning, knitting, felting, dyeing. I have dyed a combo of tops and fleece which will be on Etsy early next week as well as some hand spun Chunky. This is The Blues which has the contrast of the soft Merino and the lustre of English Leicester

Also I packed my samples for the Fibre Sampler at This time I have sent fleece, no dyes but natural cream, brown and grey/black and some 8 ply yarn as well. I think the Samplers are sent out in October.

This morning I went to the Farmers Market and remembered to take my camera. The market is held near Lake Wendouree. The lake has been empty for some time so I wanted to record the return of some water. From what I have read it will take some years for the lake to refill.

I had one trip to Melbourne this week to go to appt with Michele and then had lunch with Brie. We just managed not to get soaked as we walked to Uni and the bus. The 401 bus to North Melbourne station is a great service as I can then get the Ballarat train without having to go back into the city.

Today I have been waiting for the return of yesterdays horrid wind. Not as bad today - well so far but as I look at the trees blowing now we may be in for a blowy night. The blustery wind is never good for the quince trees. The rain has just started but as I am yet to hang the washing out I'll just put it in the loft.

The property next door has sold. The huge container that caused so much trouble last week will return. New neighbours will move in early next month.

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