Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fleece Dyeing

This week was a busy fleece dyeing week. Above is a blue, donkey brown mix with pale silver and blue where the colours meet. SOLD
And then an earthy mix of brown and olive. The English Leicester is just a wonderful wool to put in the dyepot. The lustre enhances the colours. SOLD

Used burnt orange together with green and yellow here. SOLD

And I was delighted with this blend of blue, green. purple and the softer shades inbetween.
These are all for sale on the website listed at side of blog. The wool in these colour blends is English Leicester/Merino blend.
Our wonderful dog, Mopsy is going to spend the next couple of months with her breeder. Mopsy is due to give birth to puppies in two weeks. We will really miss her. Guess we will just have to give Darwin double the attention. I will post photo puppies when they are born.


Missymaomao said...

I love the earthy mix although it's hard to pick a favourite because they are all so lovely.

busygnomes said...

Ahh, so hard to choose, I love the silver with the blue,
the olive and brown work beautifully together.
Have a good day at the market.

colleen said...

Love the colours. I hope to be buying some Corriedale fleeces after shearing for the purpose of dyeing and blending for my small yarn market stall.Lots of work to do and I wish I didn't have to go to work as well. I am not in your league as you have been in it a long time, and I have only just started.

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