Friday, September 2, 2011

My Friend the Sheep

Included in stock for the markets this weekend is the first of my new range of brooches.

I'm all packed and ready for Daylesford Makers Market tomorrow.  When I arrive home it will be a quick repack for the Sunday Market  at the Arts Centre in Melbourne.  Then I will cook a Fathers Day dinner as I will be at the market on Sunday and by Sunday night its time for an easy meal.

Last night we had, well the goose had a visit from the fox.  The fox slightly injured the goose.  Tonight I have moved all the sheep into the yard around the goose yard.  David has set up motion lights and we have a spotlight we can turn on quickly.  The fox has been on the prowl and sadly killed and injured our friends chooks last week.  Our goose is very grumpy but we are very fond of him
Enjoy your weekend.

1 comment:

homeschooled said...

David might have to sleep out there with the animals like a good shepherd. Good luck at the markets.

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