Monday, September 12, 2011

End of the Echidna Saga

For those who would like more info on an echidna have a look here Echidna info

This is a very focused Mopsy.  We moved the dogs well away from the echidna.  Mopsy was not pleased.
The dogs were put to bed in the shed last night.  Mopsy pushed her way out through the smallest space and sat outside our bedroom window until David went to see what she was doing.  Next thing she jumps on the bed thinking that is where she would sleep.  The echidna had moved by this time and Mopsy was put back in the yard.  Now it was Darwin's turn to cry.  He was not going to sleep in the warm shed if Mopsy was having a more exciting life.
Echidnas can live for up to 49 years. I wonder how long the echidna has lived here?


homeschooled said...

Lovely story. So has the ecidna departed?

baukje said...

I have read the info, what a spectular age she/he can reach..... Thanks for sharing. I hope she/he is gone definitively.

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