Thursday, September 8, 2011

All Creatures Spiky and .....

Our week of adventures began when Darwin found a snake when walking with David.  Darwin thinks all things that move make for play material.  Luckily no snake bites and we will be very careful where we walk now.

And today we have earth moving works happening.

Darwin is the guard dog. Maybe he will divert me from finding out what is going on in dog world.

This is the echidna, the cause of much barking, interruption to my afternoon of wool dyeing and a cross Mopsy.

An unhappy dog.  I have shut Mopsy out of her yard as she was digging  like crazy.  Firstly I thought she was trying to retrieve a hidden treasure.  Mopsy has many hidden treasures.  The digging frenzy made me then realize there was more to this.  After the snake sighting I became wary as I saw movement under the kennel.  Then I saw the echidna.  The echidna has obviously gone into shock or is just stubborn and won't come out from now a lovely soft earth home.
Still have barking dogs, an echidna on strike and dog yard fence to repair.  I am surprised how far down Mopsy has now dug under her gate trying to get back into her yard.

1 comment:

Darwinstorm said...

We need an update! Did the echnida come out or will it still be under Mopsy's kennel when I get home tonight?
(Along with the questions of where did it come from and how did it get into Mopsy's yard?

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