Friday, September 9, 2011

Echidna Update

No photos.  Well I could show you a photo of dirt under Mopsy's kennel.

The echidna is now asleep where Mopsy's kennel used to be.  We tried to gently persuade the echidna to move this morning but it could dig faster than us!!!

After a phone call to the Wildlife Service the plan was made to move the dogs.  So we moved the kennel and the dogs when of course the heavens opened and hailed upon us.  It is thought that if the dogs are moved away the echidna might wander off on his/her merry way.

Not so simple.  The dogs found great joy in their new homes and needed to bark and tell the world.  I have just been into town to buy big bones.  Now the dogs are quiet.

And the echidna is sleeping soundly and hasn't moved an inch.

1 comment:

baukje said...

I searched in the dictionary but could not find the translation of echidna.....
Be aware of snakes, we also have them.

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