Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two Warm Eggs

This morning I raced over to the studio because I needed red yarn to cast on a scarf - right there and then!  You know when you get a project in your mind you need to start now.  It was bitterly cold early today and in fact it is still wet, windy and very cold.

When I go out the front door in the morning Stella demands some sheep pellets and then the goose takes up with a loud squawk cos he wants to let out and then the chooks (chickens) need to get out as well.  I hadn't planned to do the animal thing so early but I got the guilts.  By the time I was at the chook house I was freezing cold.  Then I collected two warm eggs as a thank you from the chooks.  I think the chooks poked their heads outside and promptly went back to bed.

I was sorting out a box of my parents things yesterday and found this plate.  I will make some small almond biscuits to suit the plate and get out the "good" cups on Saturday for High Tea .

1 comment:

baukje said...

May be i'll be there!!!!!!
Thanks for your lovely comment on my Orvieto trip. It was such a wonderful experience......

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