Friday, June 17, 2011

The Hat Department

Hats are in fashion this winter.  These are some of the hats I have made for this weekend's markets.

Burnt Sienna and Purple.  Sold

Old gold and Purple

Rust and Orange.  Sold

I have 2 more hats to finish now and that's it for this week.  I have packed for the markets. 

Animals have been fed and put to bed.  The dogs are asking for dinner early in the cold weather.  Well I thought they were asking for dinner but there is a lot of barking outside so I had better go and find out what the noise is about. This morning I collected 2 eggs from my 3 chooks (chickens) so that is pleasing in winter.


baukje said...

The burnt sienna is so beautiful, my colors.....

baukje said...

The burn sienna is so beautiful. You are so talented.... What was wrong outside? here it's the same when the dog barks , there must be something.
What 's the price of your hats?

colleen said...

You do such wonderful hats. I do just simple beanies. Market today busy, so now have to do more work. Thanks for wishes for a good day. Rained for a few minutes but day survived.Hope your day was good too. Next Sunday off to do Emerald Bank at Shepparton for first time.

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