Friday, June 3, 2011

Busy Week and Weekend

Lots of wool this week.  Fleeces been washed and I have put the last of this week's wash out to dry in the breeze.  Rain is coming and as soon as I hear the first spots on the roof I'll be out to gather the fleeces.  The "pretend sheep" drying rack is actually a small folding fence DD had when Darwin was a puppy.  I was about to put the fence in the shed when I realised that if I unfolded the fence sideways it would be perfect for drying fleeces.

I'm back into weaving again now I have washed and spun wool especially for weaving rugs.

This rug is a combination of spun yarn and fleece.  The rug is off the loom and I'm going to sit and finish the ends this afternoon.

The quince trees are dropping their leaves ready for a winter rest.

I'm packed and ready for Daylesford Makers Market tomorrow and then I'll be at the Arts Centre Market in Melbourne on Sunday. Well almost packed as I am still dyeing yarn!!

And just between you and me the house is a mess as is the studio so Monday is clean up day.

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colleen said...

Very nice. It seems to be a busy time for us all at the moment.

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