Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This Week on the Loom

With lots of weaving wool spun the loom has been busy. This rug is woven using all hand spun wool from my sheep.

The wool I'm using for this rug is white English Leicester and the grey wool is  from an English Leicester Cross sheep.  The English Leicester is so strong and hard wearing and perfect for floor rugs.  I have hand woven rugs I made 30 years ago and the rugs have been in use constantly since then. 
The rug will be finished today and ready for the Arts Centre Market on Sunday.  The weaving was going to be completed last night but Brie and I watched Persuasion and I knitted a red scarf.


mosea28 said...

Hi Sue, I am really inspired by your work. I have a few questions for you; what sort of loom do you use for your rugs? do you spin all your yarn, or do you send some (eg your 5ply amd 8ply) to be commerically spun? and thridly do you even run workshops in yarn dyeing for beginers? (my attempts at dyeing yarn have been disasters!!
Thanks for your great blog and work,

baukje said...

I think you are really always BUSY. I recognize that...... beautiful work you did with the weaving!

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