Monday, August 10, 2009

A Touch of Frost

There was quite frost on Friday. The sheep didn't seem to mind and were happy eating crunchy grass.
T came up for the weeknd to help with a few chores. We spent Saturday afternoon collecting all the dead wood and made two bonfires. David will probably burn them this afternoon. I have been wanting to have a clean up for ages and felt very satisfied although tired on Saturday night.

This is my yarn drying in the loft. Such a wonderful place to dry the yarn. Friday was a huge dyeing day. The shop needed stocking and I had a few orders for 8 ply. Dyed some semi solids to use with the hand painted yarn.
The market was quiet to start with yesterday and then there was quite a flurry. I must remember to wear more layers next week as it was very cold yesterday. Saturday wasn't too cold here and I hadn't checked the forecast for Sunday. Won't happen next week.

Took Darwin for along walk this morning. I needed the walk and there is never a complaint from a dog. Mopsy is looking pregnant and was slowing down when we got to the top of the hill. The puppies are due early September.

I'm off to Melbourne again this Wednesday. Michele is having chemo in the morning so will meet her at the hospital. Then we'll have lunch and walk Michele's dog Frankie. Must remember to take a photo of Frankie this week.

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