Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Dyepot & the Mittens

Apart from a day in Melbourne yesterday with Michele and a Dustteam lunch on Tuesday I have been productive in the studio. Still winding the 8 ply from cones into hanks. Quite a chore but then getting the yarn in the dye pot is fun. I dyed pastels - soft green, lemon mauve and pink
Then a bright red and orange

Just love this new green I combined with a sky blue

And some 5 ply in purple, blue and green.

These fingerless gloves have created havoc. They are just a simple pattern knitted in some Bluebell I found in some yarn given to me. The problem is that Darwin thinks they turn my hands into the best play things ever. I usually wear red knitted gloved but was finding I had to tak them off to clip and unclip the dogs so mittens were more convenient. Not so sure about that now. I'm off to walk the dogs as it is getting windy. Best to get them walked and in bed early today.

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