Saturday, August 15, 2009


Meet Michele and Mark's dog Frankie. Frankie is a pugalier and so full of energy. On Wednesdays I have been going to Melbourne to visit Michele. One of the best times in the day is when we go to the park with Frankie. Last week we didn't have the ball flicker so Michele and I took turns in throwing the ball much to Frankie's disgust. We were pathetic. No bowler in the Australian test team need fear they will lose their place.
I have so much planned for today and the weather keeps changing every few minutes. I started off in sunshine to walk dogs and then rudely got rained on. Not that I ever complain about rain, just like warning. Mopsy is looking very pregnant but still wants a long walk and is full of beans.

The best thing for me to do now is some hat finishing for tomorrow's market. By lunchtime the weather may have decided on rain or sun.

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