Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Window Sheep Family

The sheep family living on my studio window ledge is growing. T gave me the small sheep with the wooden head last week.
No photos to prove it but today I went to Melbourne to the Craft Show with Missy Mao Mao. We went on an early train and were there when the doors opened. Most of our looking was done before the crowds. I had a few things to collect, some city shopping to do and then came home.
After having a cuppa I dyed some 8 ply yarn in greens. Lots more yarn to dye
tomorrow as I desperately need to restock for Arts Centre Market on Sunday. My yarn comes on large cones after being spun at the mill and I then have to wind it into hanks for dyeing. Glad I have enough hanks for this weeks dyeing but next week its back to the hanking again..

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Minnie66 said...

I went to the craft fair yesterday and on the way home on the train I was asked a knitting question by a young man (I was knitting a baby hat for Guardian Angel project) and when we were talking he told me about your site so I am going to have a good look! Keep up the good work!

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