Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This and that

The wind was blowing when I tried to get a full photo of the quilt.  I made it for a special friend Lynda  from   Twisted Violet   and the Arts Centre Sunday Market.  Lynda and Adam  are the proud parents of Liam.  I used some fabrics with farm scenes.  Must look for some sheep fabrics. 

Well these two friends are always wanting to walk in an opposite direction to the walker.  Here Mopsy (at back) and Darwin are following the sent of a cat or 2.  Mopsy has just gone off to stay with her breeder as puppies are imminent.  Have a look at at Bluegrace  and contact Jane if you are interested in a puppy.  I really miss Mopsy but I'm happy for someone else to look after puppies!!

This week I'm busy sorting out an application for the Arts Centre Market in Melbourne.  Although I have been there for years like many other stall holders we all have to reapply as the market is moving to St Kilda Road in July.  This is due to the revamp of Hamer Hall.

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