Thursday, March 4, 2010

Basket of Apples

How proud are we.  I planted this apple tree over 20 years ago and nothing much happened.  Just the usual bullet apples and not much taste.  But this year we are celebrating.  This is the second basket and there must be at least 3 more baskets ready to pick.  The tree is in the goose yard so it takes immense bravery to venture out there.  When in the yard I lock the goose out so I can pick in peace.  I need to take the ladder out this afternoon to finishing picking.  The granny smith apples have been a dismal failure this year.  It isn't lack of water as we have on granny smith near this tree.  Last night for dinner we enjoyed our home grown zucchini, beetroot, spring onions, tomatoes, basil and apples.  This is so enjoyable and satisfying I am going to get more of the vegie patch ready for planting next week.

Some mowing was long overdue.  David got to work early this morning and mowed just the essential area.  We have green grass around the house and vegie garden but the remainder is very dry now.  Need some rain please.

What a surprise.  I purchase these lilies a couple of years ago - planted them and then nothing happened.  But all of a sudden this year flowers are happening.  Beautiful colours.  Another 2 to flower.

When someone is outside taking photos it is not possible to exclude me!!!!!  Darwin has been well behaved even though Mopsy is away  - should be news any day about puppies.  My brother and my sister in law stayed here last night.  Darwin was most upset he couldn't ride in their car to the airport this morning. 

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Campbell Jane said...

I planted a Fuji apple that has barely grown and we live very close to Apple Hill, CA. You give me hope! PS Your tea cozies make me smile. They are so delightful!

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