Monday, March 29, 2010

Markets & Markets

A new item for the Daylesford Makers Market on Saturday.  A felt play mat.  This mat has already sold - a teacher purchased it to use in her classroom.  There is not too much detail allowing the mat to be used for much storytelling and creative play activities.  I have another mat almost finished and I will have that at Daylesford.

Each year there are more markets.  As we well know some markets can be profitable and some not so.  The reason we are taking our products to markets is to sell them. We want to advertise and show the market visitors what we are creating and we listen to feed back.

There is always a good side to markets even if the day is not financially profitable.  Over the years I have met so many stall holders and enjoyed the day even if selling has been slow.  Recently I met Maria who has a business Me & M'lee.  Her product range includes cushions, aprons, heat packs and totes.  If you wish to contact Maria send me a message and I'll send her your details.

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