Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tea Cosies for the Market

The week has been busy and enjoyable.  Brie was home sewing (can't say anymore as it is a gift) and I have been making tea cosies for the Arts Centre Market in Melbourne tomorrow.  The flower topped tea cosies are always a favourite.  This week I also made a Moroccan style tea cosy, a new version of the farm yard,  a beaded fringe cosy and green tea cosies (green is a popular kitchen colour).

Also managed to spin some new yarn which is a mixture of natural brown, dyed merino and silk.

And now back to washing fleece ready for next weeks dyeing.  I have been dyeing fleece which I hope will dry before I finish packing for tomorrow's market.  I have two stalls at the market tomorrow and I'll take some extra stock.


busygnomes said...

love the moroccan teacosy, and the farmyard one, way too cute!

De at Living In Woodbridge VA said...

Absolutely love your tucked rib tea cosies...especially the "Enchanted Garden".

What size tea pot do they fit?

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