Monday, February 22, 2010

Estella....a sheep on a mission

I would like you to meet Estella  aka Noisy Stella. 
We just need to put a foot outside the door and Stella lets outs a noisy baa.  The " baa" is not just a normal bleat from a sheep.  This is an English language "baa' and it means many things

  • Get me out of this paddock

  • Pick me some green grass

  • Let me into the goose yard

  •  That hay was not too my liking

  • I want to play with all the sheep today

  • Give me peace and quiet
This girl is so pushy.  I've never seen a sheep move so fast to push between me and the gate.
Stella is the oldest sheep we have and a few times the shearer has told me "this one won't be here next year".  So far Stella has proven him wrong.

Stella can open all gates unless fitted with a latch.  I have been keeping the sheep out of the quince tree yard as the sheep were eating the leaves and pulling the quinces off the trees.  Stella had other ideas and on Friday opened the gate.  David had forgotten to put the second latch on the gate so one clip was easily removed.  I went out to feed the dogs and was met by a mob of munchers.

You can see the sheep in the front looking lovingly at the quince trees.  I lost many leaves and 5 quinces by the time I had banished Stella and mates from the yard.

The goose and the guinea fowl saying good morning! 
The guinea fowl wants to get into the goose yard in case anything might be left over from dinner last night.  Goosie is off for a bath in one of his many tubs.
By the time all this happens Stella is in the goose yard in case some special grass grew over night.
David found Stella with what he thought was a serious mouth issue on Saturday.  Stella had this huge lump in the side of her mouth.  All was fine, Stella was just eating an apple!!!

And I have been reminded by Darwinstorm (the real owner of Stella) that Stella thoroughly dislikes cats.  Maybe Daisy did something dreadful to Stella when she was a lamb.  Anyway if you are a cat and reading this blog stay out of Stella's way for  your own good.


colleen said...

Sheep have personalities, too, I believe. I hope Stella is around a little bit longer for you. When I first bought my corriedale coloured ewes, it took them a while to ge used to the new area, but now there is always one ewe who I call Mother who is typically the leader. First up looking for the grain or the hay. Unfortuneately no green grass for them.

Darwinstorm said...

You forgot to mention how much she hates cats! Obviously Daisy was mean to her when she was a lamb because she tries to butt any cats that get into her territory.

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