Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Summer Vegie Patch

Every time I walk across to the studio I walk past the vegie patch.  We are enjoying kale, silverbeet, spring onions, beetroot, pak choy, lettuce and at last zucchini.  There is an abundance of small green tomatoes. The paddocks are now very dry.  All of a sudden they took on a parched look.  Sheep are still looking very fat although they do request extra food if they see me.

I sold all my hand spun last Sunday att he market..  This afternoon I am spinning some lovely colours.  One skein has been plied and is now drying.  Still a lot more spinning before the Daylesford Market on Satuday.  Will be taking tea cosies and other goodies as well as yarn.


jenny said...

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Eline Oftedal said...

Your vegie patch looks great! I'm envious since my patch is under 50 cm snow and will be clear in April.

Happy eating and spinning!

busygnomes said...

Flynn was playing with my spinning wheel today, asking if I could show him how to spin, I said I do not know how to, I think he was in shock, I guess mothers are suppose to know everything!, maybe we could wander down next time you are spinning, and Flynn could watch.

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