Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sukie & Northcote Market

According to my list I am supposed to in the studio making felt shawl pins for the Northcote Market.

I had a lovely afternoon enjoying coffee with Betty. We had to have our Christmas coffee early as Betty has family coming to stay next week.

Before I go to the studio I want you to meet Sukie, one of Mopsy's puppies.

How grown up is she. Sukie is now living in Hong Kong but I haven't told Mopsy. I can imagine the request for a trip OS and then Darwin would think he should go as well. Another puppy has gone to Singapore. A most adventurous family.


Darwinstorm said...

There will be no overseas travel for Darwin thankyou!:-) However next week I will give him lots of cuddles.

Sukie looks a little Mopsy don't you think?

jenny said...

Thats true and it is imposible for it to travel worldwide and your wish will be unfulfilled. It is true.

r4 kort

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